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Research On Integrative Management Of China's Commercial Banks

Posted on:2003-05-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065961497Subject:Agricultural economic management
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At present,integrative management has become the mainstream in the world financial market. Besides some European countries have carried out the integrative management of financial system(IMFS) since world war II,such as Germany,Switzerland and Austria,some other countries,for example,Britain,Japan and American which have carried out the separated management of financial system(SMFS) since 1920s,shifted to the IMPS one after another. China's financial institutions would compete with foreign financial institutions drastically which carry out diversification business activities or have no regulation to confine their business scope after joining the WTO. The result would be no doubtful without five years interim and some of protective measure. This problem would be solved easily if just owning to confining of financial system. Now,the question as follows:Do the financial institutions who take diversification strategy have a performance premium? Have the merit of more stable and impartial. So,with the opening of China's financial system,how to improve the China's commercial banks ability of making more profit and enhance their competence is a desiderate task,which require us to discuss and solve. Based on above mentioned,this thesis employs the economics theory,economics theory of finance,management theory and the methods of accounting,econometrics and statistics to deeply study the advantages or disadvantages of integrative management,conditions and other related core question of China.Firstly,on the basis of using for the reference of research productions,the thesis summarizes the concepts of integrative management and separated management of commercial bank,some other important concepts are mentioned too. Defines the three double related concepts as follows:integrative management and separated management,universal bank and separated bank,IMPS and SMFS. SMFS is the formal system of one country,but there are separated banks in this country. The universal banks must have their specific field,which means universal but specialist. Based on this conclusion we can infer that distinguish the universal bank should according its extent of universal other than its mother country's financial system. This conclusion is very important for the later research. The thesis analyzes evolvement causes of IMPS and SMFS of different countries,and introduces the structures of integrative management institutions. The thesis puts forward that these countries carried out the law in the right time,especially evolved to integrative management,and put the law into practice step by step.Secondly,the thesis compares IMPS and SMFS in details. Through the theoretical compare,dynamic cost-efficiency compare,and empirical compare,the conclusion is:SMFS superior to IMPS in stabilization and impartiality,but the IMPS has more advantages in efficiency. When financial institutions evolved from separated management to integrative management,the efficiency is improving. But when the business scope exceeds the financial activities,it's harmful to the financial system and whole society. As a result,diversification guarantees a higher performance on the average than specialization. We can observe the change inperformance determining structure according to strategy taking of universal banks or specialized banks. Resources such as size,stability and liquidity are shown as important factors which influence procedure to diversification and improvement of performance. In specialized banks,it is expected that size and performance of bank shows a strong negative relationship,however,in the case of universal banks,that relationship is weaker or size may have only small influence on performance. The bigger specialized banks in size,the more they would like to take diversification strategy.Thirdly,the thesis studies on the question deeply that our country can carry out IMPS or not. Through summarizes financial crisis and characteristics of developing countries and booming market economy countries,we get the precondition of carrying out IMPS. We s...
Keywords/Search Tags:integrative management, financial efficiency, assets application,financial risk, financial supervision
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