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Perfect New Development Of China's Financial Supervision Of International Financial Regulation

Posted on:2004-07-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092987871Subject:Western economics
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Since 1970s,financial supervision has been a hot topic in the field of international finance again, because it has changed a lot comparing with the period before 1970s .The paper attempts to sum up these variations and research the motives of them. The author also hopes reinforce China's financial regulation by learning foreign experience.The paper starts from summarizing and evaluating the six modern financial supervision theories and expresses the theoretical bases of the financial supervision and its change. After a brief review of the history about financial supervision before 1970s, the author points out the new trend of financial supervision since 70s of twenty century in the international field, which are as follows: new idea of balancing safety and competition; stressing the system of financial organization self-restrain; emphasizing the market order and information exposure; new thought of cooperation between the supervisor and his counterpart; the manner of supervision being shifted from prudential regulation to both prudential regulation and risk regulation; modernizing the means of financial supervision and standardizing the content of supervision; enlarging the scope of regulation; shifting from separating supervision to unified supervision; the unity of regulation within the scope of the globe; shifting from domestic supervision to cross-board supervision.Then the paper gives the reasons of these latest developments such as: new financial technology, financial innovation, universal banking, financial internationalization and financial crisis.In the last part of the paper, after reviewing China's history about financial regulation , the author offers our current problems of regulation and studies the reasons. Finally, basing on our current situation of financial regulation, the development of financial supervision in the international field and the tendency of China's finance, the author propounds her opinions on China's reform of financial supervision, such as: upgrading the efficiency of supervision; adjusting the pattern of financial regulation gently; establishing the system of financial law; setting up the rule of self-restrict; heightening the supervisor's constitution; strengthening the market discipline and exposing enough information; improving the fashion and manner of financial supervision, enlarging the scope of supervision; reinforcing the international communion and collaboration of financial supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:financial supervision, financial risk, prudential regulation, financial crisis, financial internationalization
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