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Since The Reform And Opening Up, China's Monetary Policy Effectiveness And The Strength Of The Empirical Research - Analysis, Based On The Measurement From 1978 To 1999

Posted on:2003-09-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F MaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092970783Subject:Agricultural economic management
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With the development and improvement of the country market economy system,monetary policy has become an important method of the macro-economy control and began to play and important role in the macroeconomic this dissertation the author mainly examined the effectiveness and its intensity of the monetary policy in china,in the past reformatory twenty-two years. In the first part of the article the author discuss the issue from the theoritical aspection so as to make the empirical analysis clearly,we can see the article consists of four main parts:(I)a summary of the theory involved;(II)the functioning of the countries macroeconomy and the application of the monetary policy (III)An empirical analysis of the effectivenesss of the monetary policy;(IV)An empirical analysis on the effective intensity of monetary policy effectiveness.PART Ⅰ(chapter 1) The chapter begin with a discussion of the different views on monetary policy of the classical macroeconomy of the new-classical macroeconomy the keinens economyand the new-keinens economy on the AD-AS circumference;then article framework of IS-LM model the author analyze the factors that affect the effectiveness of the monetary policy and the influence of rational expectations to the monetary policy's effectiveness.PART Ⅱ(chapter 2-3) In chapter 2,analyse the country's function of the the macroeonomy in the past twenty years by using indictors GDP and the growth rate of GDP. In chapter 3 clarifies the aperation of the monetary policy in different economic cycles.PART Ⅲ(chapter 4-5) Chapter 4 made an empirical analysis on the relationship between the currency and production in china. Chapter 5 analyze the effectiveness of Chinese monetary policy by spectral approachPART Ⅳ(chapter 6-9) Chapter 6 studies the factors consumption. In import and export which may influence the effectiveness of the monetary policy from the products market aspection. Chapter 7 analyze the relation between the money demand and monetary policy and the interest marketation. Chapter 8 staticly analyze the effectiveness and its intensity of Chinese monetary policy in the IS-LM model,and dynamicly analyze the effectiveness and its intensity of Chinese monetary policy in the state space model. Chapter 9 also make an empirical analyse on effectiveness and its intensity of Chinese monetary policy in the AS-AD model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Monetary policy, Effectiveness of the monetary policy, Effective intensity of monetary policy, Empirical analyse
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