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Posted on:2004-02-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:K S ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092980653Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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This paper, on the basis of general systematology, combining with state-owned capital practice and theory on-goings of our country, attempts to cultivate the basic theory and methodology of hereafter called .state-owned capital operations. and subsequently based on above-mentioned to have systematically research on state-owned capital practice. Through reviewing reforming history of domestic state-owned assets managing mechanism and summing up the experience of foreign market-oriented country.s state-owned assets operating mode independently and through theoretical analysis as well, the paper would seek existing contradictions and problems sourcing from idea, operational subject and object and market mechanism of our country.s current state-owned capital operating system. The paper thinks the source of our country.s lower state-owned capital operation efficiency is: state-owned assets management privilege was segmented, the country didn.t set up excitation and constraint mechanism upon state-run enterprise.s ownership, comparative much of state-owned assets is in out-control, .owner vacancy., .inner staff control., .state-owned assets loss. is in terrible condition. After China.s entrance into WTO, State-owned assets faced with fierce competition within the world, at present our country.s capital operation can.t adapt to the violent competition from international capital market. State-owned capital should be isolated from state-owned assets and be re-attributed as capital. Independent operation system should be structured with capital as a tie from central to local government, state-owned assets. operational subject and object should be restructed. For the purpose of arousing the central and local government.s positivity, form such a state-owned assets management system as: central and local government represent respectively the country to perform contributor.s rights and interests, rights, obligation and responsibilities are to be integrated, assets supervision and human resource and affairs control are to be combined. To mould a new relationship between state-owned assets management and state-owned capital operation and fulfil system, management and mechanism renovation, so that we can solve the difficulties of lower benefit and efficiency resulting from .owner vacancy. and .inner staff control.. The paper, on the basis of function positioning and behavior tendency analysis, 4 第一章绪 论 designs state-owned capital operation.s three-level mode featured with ownership as a tie, definite operational subject, clear object range and distinctive target. The first level is state-owned capital state-owned capital operation section, i.e. set up a managing organ specialty in state-owned capital operation in central government, thus realize governmental social economic management function.s isolation from capital ownership. function; The second level is state-run holding group, i.e. state-owned capital operation section possesses ownership right, but it shouldn.t be economic entity that directly operates state-owned capital, it must operate capital under state-run holding gr...
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned capital, capital operation, organ, supervision and management
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