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State-owned Commercial Banks' Capital Constraints And Their Countermeasures

Posted on:2006-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The capital is the foundations of prerequisite and development that the commercial bank exists. It is one of the important content of bank managements. The quantity and structure of the capital influence the safe coefficient of the bank at the same time ,and then influence the stability of the whole social economy. The capital adequacy has been to control and supervise the question of common concern with the outside and inside the commercial banks of various countries all the time. It is accelerated constantly that open in financial circles. Under the great international background , the capital adequacy of state-run commercial bank becomes a problem needing to be solved urgently. The capital that this text probes into the state-run commercial bank of our country mainly is sufficient , the capital restrains the question. First of all, through analysing the gradual progress of" the Basel accord", The thesis define the requiring the most low of bank capital, and the restraint of the bank capital of three major pillars that new Basel capital accord put forward. Secondly, The thesis analyses the sufficient current situation of capital of state-run commercial bank and reason of our country. And draw the conclusion: The insufficient direct factor of the capital accord of state-run commercial bank is that the capital is insufficient in quantity. The structure is unreasonable and the assets are of low quality. The profound factor is property relations. Finally, It explains that the countermeasures of the capital accord are that improving " members " and reducing " denominators ", setting up effective inside controlling mechanism, and strengthening the precautions against risk, and setting up the intact credit rating system. Meanwhile, It proposes the authorities to strengthen the supervision to the capital of state-run commercial bank after putting forward our country.
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