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On Business Duty

Posted on:2004-11-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The business management must have its own principle, which is the soul and the spiritual pillar of it.The business value is the core of the business idea. In a series of factors that affect and constitute business values system, the duty view is of importance. What kind of social responsibility does the enterprise should take? Since the sixties of 20th century, this is a center problem with universality, argued between business circles and theory circles home and aboard over a long period of time.Foreign arguments on enterprise social responsibility expressing in two kinds: one is classical business duty view, holding that profit precedes ' ethics, the sole responsibility of enterprise is to pursue maximal profits; the other is modern social duty view, believing that ethics precedes profit, to pursue maximal profits is the enterprise's second aim.Chinese discussions on enterprise social responsibility, expressing in two kinds too: one is business standard duty view, the enterprise deals the relationship with society in terms of enterprise profit, putting the interest in the first, stressing on pursuing maximal profits; the other is society standard duty view. The enterprise deals the relationship with society in terms of social angle, putting serving society in the first, the interest in the second, emphasizing that on the premise of meeting the social material and cultural needs and serving society, the enterprise can pursue its maximal profits suitably.Due to the different definition and comprehension concerning what business is, these absolutely opposite standpoints exist. What is business? This problem looks simple but complex in fact. Under market economic system circumstances, I think, enterprise is a legal entity,which should regard survival and development as the basic purpose, obtain profits though creating value, offering products , satisfying consumer needs constantly, meet the needs of the society and itself, in order to be operate, assume sole responsibility for profit and loss, be self-control, be self-development.Because of different understanding relative to the most fundamental and easiest issue-business, an argument, whether the enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility are opposite or not, comes into being. Someone thinks that the social responsibility behavior of the enterprise will lower the enterprise's economic results, on the contrary someone thinks that will not necessarily lower the economic results but increase it. The writer agrees with the latter in a sense. After comparing the enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility, investigating the enterprise actuality especially its development history, the writer discovers, because there are some totally blended > unified things in the enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility - the business's creation >. development and dedication, the enterprise economic responsibility and social responsibility look contradict, but with inner unity between them, and thinks:1. Creation is the foundation that business depends on to exist. The reason of enterprise's existence consists in its inner creative power, which is a kind of obligation to enterprise's service object, as well as an inside, self-consciousness awareness of the legal person. Creation is not only an inner motive of enterprise economic responsibility behavior, but also the ethical rules - " good " - of enterprise moral responsibility behavior. Creation is the most general radical responsibility of enterprise, since creating wealth is enterprise's ultimate value target, the ethical requirement to enterprise's survival and development, the basic moral responsibility that enterprise shoulddo for nation and society.Harmony is the foundation and headspring that business fulfills its creative responsibility. First, the harmony of enterprise lies in harmonious symbiosis among the main factors inside, that is management harmony, management harmony is the headspring of enterprise cohesion, without it, the enterprise wi...
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