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Research On The Current Situation And Countermeasures Of Foreign Direct Investment Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2004-08-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095462722Subject:Industrial Economics
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The article attempts to employ the comparative advantage theory and the theory of capital entropy to explain the activities of foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises, to analyse the problems confronted by those enterprises. The dissertation offers some suggestions and countermeasures to deal with these problems.Chapter One serves as an introduction. This chapter analyses the global and domestic background of foreign direct investment of Chinese enterprises, and its development course. It defines the term of foreign direct investment, briefly retrospects the theories on FDI both domestic and abroad and demonstrates the theoretical and practical significance of the present research. It points out that foreign direct investment is an active approach for Chinese enterprises to participate in global competition and to become an integrate part of global economy.Composed of two chapters, Section One, introduces the theory of capital entropy after the introduction of such traditional theories on foreign direct investment as the monopolistic advantage theory,the production life cycle theory,internalization,eclectic approach, the theory of comparative advantage, small-scale technology theory, technology adaptation theory as well as the theory of industrial upgrading of technological innovation. On the basis the above theories, the present research offers the entropy theory, attempting to explain the activities of foreign direct investment in theory by the numerical model of investment entropy.Section Two is composed of three chapters dealing with the practice of foreign direct investment by Chinese enterprises. Starting from globalization, the section demonstrates the necessity of having outward investment through the development of global foreign direct investment, the enlightenment by the energy crisis report of China, the pressure from technology barrier and antidumping. Moreover, the section expounds the advantages and disadvantages for Chinese enterprises to have outward foreign direct investment with some empirical research on the foreign direct investment by Chinese enterprises. This section also offers some enlightenment to promote the outward foreign direct investment by the systematic research on foreign direct investment policies of Japanese and Koreangovernment and enterprises and their practices of having foreign direct investment.Section Three is composed of two chapters dealing with suggestions and countermeasures. This section offers some systematic suggestions to effectively carry out the S/V principle by foreign subsidiaries of Chines enterprises, especially the supervision mechanism of finance, the innovation of technology and human resources management, the effective management by government,through studying the experiences and lessons from domestic and foreign companies and government.This dissertation had made the following pioneering research.First, based on the capital entropy, knowledge capital entropy as well as environment capital entropy research, it offers for the first time the investment entropy theory based on the carrying out of outward foreign direct investmentSecond, it offers for the first time the numerical entropy model of foreign direct investment,that is:,and offers the numerical model of FDI entropy, , and realizes the uniqueness and complete interrelation of the numerical entropy model of foreign direct investment with such parameters as the evaluated enterprise, the evaluated project, the evaluated region, the interaction and complete interrelations with the evaluation parameters of companies home and abroad. Besides, the author takes the Paraburdo Corporate in Australia invested by a Chinese enterprise to make some empirical calculation and analysis.Third,it offers for the first time the principle of the respective rights of investment decision, the execution of investment and the supervision of investment in the course of foreign direct investment and it also offers some operation suggestions.Fourth,it clearly offers the three super...
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