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Research On Incentive Mechanism Of Modern Corporation

Posted on:2004-12-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095953688Subject:Political economy
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With the establishment and development of modern corporation system, how to improve efficiency and how to encourage corporation have become the eternal theme of corporation system arrangement.The researching focus has transformed from incentive mechanism on common employee to encourage and restrain on senior managers with economic system arrangement. But the content of incentive concerns not only managers but also common employee. So we must combine these two together to establish a synthetic analytic model.On the other hand, the establishment of effective incentive mechanism is so important to innovation of our state-owned corporation, so the incentive mechanism model which is adaptive to modern state-owned corporation would be with great theoretical and practical meaning.This paper analyze from following seven parts to establish the modern corporation incentive system model:Start from incentive problem of modern corporation, on the basis of its features, the connotation, type, concept, reason and function are well defined. The system, environment, human nature cause of incentive are explored and the effects of incentive on modern corporation are researched.Guided by Marxism political economy and philosophy, all kinds of incentive theory are integrated and innovated on the basis of comparison and estimation. At the same time, human capital theory is explored from the angle of incentive problem.All kinds of native argument on incentive mechanism are also introduced.On the new established frame of modern corporation incentive system, a synthetic analytical model is put forward, which is different from the traditional and is innovation of this paper. The point of view is the establishment of corporation incentive mechanism fit for both manager and common employee. An incentive mechanism based on the common goal of manager, common employee and corporation is sought. Furthermore, constructive incentive means is introduced.To get more experience and lesson, detailed analysis is made among America, Japan, France, etc. modern western countries from such aspects as incentive mechanism, internal and outside supervising system, enterprise culture.Above four parts are mainly about theory analysis. Then on the basis of a series of analysis with actual cases, some assume are put forward as follows.This part is mainly about involving process of state-owned corporation incentive mechanism, existed problems and their performance in real life. Disclosing the nature that state-owned enterprise hope to carry out system transform and property rights adjustment by means of incentive mechanism. All the problem existing in incentive mechanism of state-owned corporation are concluded. Various phenomena are analyzed.Many new form of incentive mechanism of state-owned corporation, which arise in market economy, such as annuity system, employee holding-stock system and stock option system, are introduced in detail. However, some shortcoming exists in reality. The conflict between theory condition and reality condition must be solved. The conclusion is that current stock option which is worshiped greatly by us, may not develop its efficiency on current actual condition in our country. Before the realization of this system, we should make more seriously consideration.After above analysis, some innovative design and advice are put forward, such as innovative premise of incentive mechanism, the two aspects of incentive processof state-owned corporation, good combination of return incentive, property rights incentive, reputation incentive, competition incentive to form effective incentive mechanism, corresponding establishment and perfection of juristic indemnification. Among them following innovative viewpoints are more important: annuity and its premise, enterprise culture and design of incentive system.
Keywords/Search Tags:modern corporation, incentive mechanism, long-term incentive, annuity system, stock option system
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