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A Study On Economic Growth In HeilongJiang Province

Posted on:2004-08-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095955486Subject:Forestry Economics and Management
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The article gives physically an analysis about HeilongJiang province' s economic growth features ever since the open-policy came into being. That is, the growth rate is under the average level and the var iance gap is going further. We can come to know in this article how this has happened and chaw the conclusion that the economic growth variances among all the provinces are the roots of that of economic power. In the late 1990s' , great changes are taking place in the international surrounding of China. China won the membership of WTO at length and the era of shortage has came to the end, with the charging from the buyers' market to the sellers' market. For this reason, the current growth is limited by demands rather than by supplies. Taking into consideration the economic stage and its planning goals, the economic growth actually needs a rapid growth rate and the corresponding reformation of growth model. Econometric model analysis gives its explanations about the slow-race of the economic growth that every such part plays an important role as factors' supply, technical improvements, industrial adjustment institution factors, The study shows that we have not make the most use of institutions' effect upon economic growth, which is mainly due to the deep-rooted old ideas.Comparing with the nation' s average level and developed provinces, thisarticle places emphasis on the problem of lower economic benefits. For the time being, we occupy the first position of main industrial economic benefits, but most of the 39 industries have lower economic benefits than the average level and the better ones conti ibute to the petrol chemical and nature gas excavation. Level of industry is lower because we depend so much on the resource and market that the technical industry has less efficiency than it is supposed to be. As result, we have a long way to go, aiming at reformation of the economic growth model. This article also gives ideas about the effect upon the economic growthby non state-owned business and reformation of ownership pat, terns, pointing out that the rapid growth of non state-owned business is the only outlet for the entire economic efficiency improvement. Local governments should apply its role to deal with not only the state owned business but also the whole economy and create a circumstance for equal competition for all sorts of business. On the basis of actual economic growth, this article gives its judgment about the possibility of the further growth by analyzing all the factors involved. The gap between liei1ongjiang province and other province is supposed to become wider during the "tenth five years' term", but the growth trend would be under control. From the year of 2006, Hei1ongjiang province will increase its economic growth rat'? to be the developed province comparing to the center areas provinces and of course its gap to the real developed province wi] 1 become smaller. Therefore, to reduce the distinction between the Hei1ongjiang province and other developed province and achieve its vigorous development is a long way to go. For the purpose discussed above, more active policy should be taken to promote the growth rate, improve the quality and benefits and make sure that lasting, high-speed, full development can be achieved.
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