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The Researching Of Modeling And Optimizing In The Production Process Of Metallurgical Enterprise

Posted on:2005-10-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122482205Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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This paper studies the establishing of rolling model on production process of metallurgical enterprises and the rolling strategy optimization for cold mill. Mean while, the architecture of CIMS architecture used in metallurgical enterprise is also researched.First, this paper summarizes the mathematic models of rolling force and AGC used in traditional rolling process and the relative methods of modeling. The defects of those methods are pointed out. Based on fact that neural networks has strong ability in handing the problem of nonlinear and uncertain process in rolling process, a new scheme of neural networks based adaptive thickness control is put forward, and a network activation function suitable for control is presented as well .For improving the precision of prediction of rolling model, a new method using artificial neural networks of rolling force modeling is put forward.Rolling strategy is a foundation of the parameters setting in optimization control of rolling process. An excellent rolling strategy is Key to evaluating a rolling process comprehensively. The rolling process is a nonlinear process, so the optimizing of rolling strategy is essential a nonlinear programming problem with multi-objective function. Based on the fact that genetic algorithms has powerful ability of researching and adapting , a new means of rolling strategy optimization based on genetic algorithms is put forward. The rolling parameter is draw into this new means as comprehensive objective function. Comparing with the traditional way, the new means has advantage of sampling and highly precision.According to the characteristics of metallurgical enterprise on management pattern and production process, CIMS is draw into the metallurgical enterprise. This paper analysis the metallurgical enterprise from following aspects: organization architecture,production flow and financial-flow. Summarizing the architecture of CIMS architecture used in metallurgical enterprise. An architecture, which main line is the fund-flow, is presented. The fund-flow model and cost-control model is described in the paper as well.Finally, concluding the main content of this paper. The future direction of studying is indicated as well.
Keywords/Search Tags:rolling model, rolling strategy, strategy optimization, CIMS neural networks, genetic algorithms
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