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Evolution Of Cooperation Mechanism

Posted on:2005-08-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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As development of the society, deepening of division of labor, a single enterprise is very difficult to have advantages in all kinds of resources, and plays a leading role in every field. The fighting-alone mold is getting harder in meeting the needs of today's competition. More and more enterprises realize that the cooperation with others in economical activities provides great resources for an enterprise to win competitive advantage. However, in practical economic activities, the cooperation among the individuals is in straits. The ratio of establishing a long and steady cooperative relationship is not high. This dissertation mainly researches the engender and the evolutionary mechanism of cooperation behavior in an economic society made up of the individuals in pursuit of their maximized profits.The dissertation has 7 chapters.Chapter 1 introduces the research purpose and frame of the dissertation, based on the summary of the previous study about competitive advantage.Up till now, there are mainly two schools of thoughts, they are different in where the competitive advantage comes from, external or internal of enterprises? Both of them put the thought of competitive advantage on the basis of antagonistic competition among enterprises. In fact, the acquisition and maintenance of competitive advantage is based on enterprises' continuous property production, and whether the value-stream could keep affluent in the value distributing process. It requires enterprises to transform their thinking mold of pure antagonist and an overall analysis is needed in dealing with the balance of cooperation and competition. However at present cooperation has not got as much interest and study as competition has got, the exposition and description are comparatively inadequate. This leads to the research of the evolution mechanism of cooperation, with the perspective of the cooperation among enterprises.Chapter 2 mainly analyses and summarizes the results of both domestic and overseas research on supplier chain management, strategic alliance and strategic Cluster. It analyses the cooperation mechanism and the encouragement of competitive advantage comes from cooperative behavior. Also, it analyses the inadequacy exists in previous research. Therefore provides a base for further research on cooperation evolution mechanism which will be discussed below.Chapter 3 is the exposition of premise assumption, main contents and the concrete evidence employed of the cooperation evolution mechanism research of this dissertation. The dissertation adopts the economics conception of 'economic man' which assumes that an individual is made to pursue its maximized utility. The research is mainly around the emergence, development and withering away of the cooperation among enterprises. It analyses the mechanism of cooperation evolutionby the studying the profit-gaining possibility among the cooperative individuals.The research is based on simulated experiments, with 2 rounds, 26 groups of competition game experiment, obtains the first-handed data material, expounds the mechanism by the analysis of the experiment results, with the help of system theory and biology evolution theory.Chapter 4 discusses the mechanism of the forming of cooperation in 'two men's game', analyses 'prisoner's dilemma game', raises that there exists logical contradictions in traditional acknowledge that reciprocity leads to the cooperation between two individuals. So the first part is mainly discusses the relationship of cooperation and reciprocity. For cooperative behaviors always have the ' prisoner's dilemma game' logic structure, so the second part takes the 'cooperation dilemma 'game model as example, discusses the possibility of establishing the cooperative relationship in many kinds of situations, and uses the experimental data to identify it. In order to resolve the 'prisoner's dilemma' problem, the trusty expectation from each other is very much needed, and that concerns the problem of the study about trust and cooperation. At last, this chapter...
Keywords/Search Tags:economic man, cooperation, competition, reciprocity, opportunism, prisoner's dilemma, evolution mechanism
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