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An Analysis And Management Researches On Credit Risk Between Banks And Enterprises By Commercial Banks

Posted on:2004-12-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:T H YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122970360Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Risk is one of the most common properties of the financial system and financial activities. The analysis and management of risk are the cores of all the businesses and management by all kinds of financial organizations. Among all the risks, the management of credit risk is the oldest and most important part of the financial organizations' risk management. The management of credit risk not only decides the microscopic equities' economic behaviors and their achievements, but also the order and efficiency of the whole financial market.This dissertation, from the point of the microscopic equities' risk management, deals with the management of the credit risk in commercial banks. Based on the economic analysis of the causes of credit risk and the bond relation between the banks and enterprise, this dissertation analyzes, compares and expands the traditional and modern management and technologies of credit risk. It points out the causes and specialty of credit risk in China's commercial banks, and tries to put forward some feasible policies for the management of credit risk in China's commercial banks.This dissertation includes five sections (from chapter 2 to chapter 6). The contents and finding of each chapter are as follows:The second chapter introduces the background and some basic knowledge of the management of credit risk in commercial banks. Generalizing the development of the whole financial system in the slack and free financial management, and many new financial innovation resulted from modern informational technologies and trading technologies, this chapter points out the risk management of financial organizations becomes more and more important whether to the microscopic equities or to macroscopic economy. This chapter also introduces the historical development of the risk management in commercial banks and pictures its future development.The third chapter generalizes the concepts, nature and characteristics of credit risk, and it also explains the scopes and links of the management of credit risk in commercial banks. This chapter analyzes the identification of risk, the measurement of risk and the control of risk. It generally compares and analyzes the traditional characteristics and the latest development of the credit risk management .The fourth chapter analyzes adverse selection and moral issues resulted from the information dissymmetry between banks and enterprises, and it explores the causes forcredit risk by taking advantage of some ideas and methods of information economy and systemic economy. This chapter also analyzes the specialties of China's commercial banks from the point of the transferring economy in China. The concrete research includes the following aspects:The moral issues caused by information dissymmetry after loaning. This part makes use of the idea of game theory—the idea of indefinite repetition to deduce the formula for the probability of breaking a contract by an enterprise which gets loans in competitive and monopolistic markets and this part further analyzes the possible factors which affect credit risk. In competitive market, this part points out a few factors are related with the credit risk of commercial banks and contract breach. In monopolistic market, this part points out commercial banks can realize incentive compatibility of credit enterprises and then there is no credit risk caused by information dissymmetry between banks and enterprises.With prior information dissymmetry, this chapter regards the pre-selection and post-supervision as a dynamic process, the forming a two-stage dynamic game theory process. This part separately deals with information symmetry and information dissymmetry after loans, the structure of competitive and monopolistic markets, and makes a research about quantity relation between credit risk and its affecting factors. The conclusion is that credit risk is related with many factors before and after loans, and what's more, the results of balance before and after loans have close relation with each other.The role of mortgage as a sp...
Keywords/Search Tags:Commercial bank, credit risk, the relation of bank and enterprise, information dissymmetry, incentive compatibility
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