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Research On The Commercial Bank Credit Risk Supervisory System

Posted on:2014-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Credit risk is one of the major risks of commercial Banks, and also one of theimportant factors that affect commercial Banks stable operation. Thus, improvesupervision and management of credit risk is related to the long-term healthydevelopment of commercial Banks. Supervision of the commercial bank credit risk is asystematic engineering, including supervision legislation, supervisory system, thetheory of supervision, supervisor, supervisory measure and supervision effect, etc. Andcommercial bank credit risk regulation is also a dynamic development process,due tothe execution of the regulation and supervision effectiveness to unity,and the executionof regulation will change with the development of commercial Banks, which requiresthe execution of regulation to be realized to improve development and regulation effectof unity. In a word, supervision of the commercial bank credit risk is a dynamicdevelopment of the systemic project. In order to guiding the commercial bank creditrisk regulatory work requires continuous improvement and renewal theory.In order to service for effective development of our country commercial bankcredit risk management, the purpose of this paper is to systematically analyze ourcountry commercial bank credit risk regulatory system in currently, and put forwardsome specific improvement measures on the basis of using the experience of foreigncommercial bank credit risk regulation.By except the epilogue, this paper consists of four parts:Part one:Introduces the concept of commercial bank credit risk,forming reasonand characteristic in briefly;Part two:Expounds the principle and content of commercial bank credit riskregulation;Part three:Analyses some problems in our country commercial bank credit riskregulation in systematically;Part four:Puts forward some Suggestions on improving the weakness of ourcountry commercial bank credit risk.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial bank, credit risk, supervision and control
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