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The Studies On Commercial Bank Risk Management Of Credit Of Our Country

Posted on:2005-12-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Commercial bank as manage financial intermediary of currency, it possesses the characteristic of stronger inherent risk because of its low capital. The quality of loan and the risk that the credit assets face, to the management performance and even survival and development of the commercial bank, have essential influence. Affected by some factors, there are certain questions and defects in the commercial bank risk management of credit of our country at present, which makes the commercial bank in an unfavorable status in participating in the competition of the international financial market. So this thesis maintains to refer to the gist of documents which issued by the Basel Committee and the ripe experience of risk management of the internationally active banks, combines the actual conditions of the banking of our country, carries on research on the credit risk management of commercial bank in our country in these aspects: improving commercial bank's ability of using the technical means to prevent credit risk, perfecting the internal controlling system of commercial bank and strengthening the external supervision system.The whole thesis concludes four parts:The first part introduces the concept of credit risk and necessity of risk management of credit briefly, and analyses the current situation of commercial bank risk management of credit of our country, puts forward the analysis frame of this thesis.The second part analyses the capital preparation for credit risk, the technical means to prevent credit risk and securitization of credit assets, points out that commercial bank should regard as the important foundation of structuring the commercial bank credit risk management system with the application of the advanced credit risk administrative skill, so as to take precautions against and dissolve the risk of the bank credit constantly.The third part points out that commercial bank should perfect the internal controlling system in order to reduce the possibility that risk of credit produce from the inside and achieve the goal of controlling risk of credit, by establishing the inside functional department rationally and controlling the course of credit.The fourth part introduces the frame of the external supervisory system and the market discipline of commercial bank, analyzes the current situation in our country, and puts forward some good advices to perfect the external supervisory and the market discipline of commercial bank, and to take precautions against the production of the risk of credit from outside.
Keywords/Search Tags:commercial bank, risk management of credit, internal controlling, external supervisory, market discipline
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