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A Study On The Problem Of Financial Security In China

Posted on:2002-07-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122975409Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Chinese finance is in the course of the finance turn type (traditional financial times - finance turn type -new financial times), the safety environment that financial security is faced with is stem. The research purpose is to make scientific financial safe theory. Through establishing Chinese financial a real time monitor with early warning system, form financial safe results and supervision countermeasures which have straight sense and strong operability, to realize really effective control and supervise financial safety, raise financial safe degree. Control financial risk below the critical state that may bring on financial crisis to ensure normal financial function and financial order. The research results offers science determine the nature basis and quantification support for macroscopic policymaker, offers effective parameter for microcosmic manager to control financial risks, offers strong means and control framework for the supervisors, it has important meaning.Guided with Deng Xiaopin theory, draw in contemporary western economic principles, touch tightly with the practice of Chinese finance reform and opening-up. Base on investigation deeply and occupancy the data, utilize positivism research & normative analysis method, Open out and analyze financial security principle, restriction factors, safety normative mechanisms and management law. Study creatively with economic dynamics, management and risk management theory etc basic principles and neural networks, parameter fitting and mutation, multidimensional location mathematic theory method and means, work out the indicators system of our national financial safety measurement, basic model and the real time early warning system.With cybernetics and systematic view, synergism and systematic, global and foreseeable viewpoint, make " finance turn type "dynamical theory and safety control theory, and with the viewpoint of the function with institution control and supervision, work out the stereoscopic control and supervise pattern of " three-dimensional & 5bits function type", make contribution for China control and supervision theory.The thought of the research proceeds with meaning of financial security internality and extrinsic dynamical mechanisms, bring into one and the same system framework of financial security with financial crisis, risks, mutation, tentatively etc to study theory. Aim at the practice problem of Chinese financial security in China to spread out analysis. Build up the data platform, carry through Synthesize monitor and early warning. Perfect financial security new supervision framework. Exteriorly safeguard financial security effectively. The dissertation encloses the national financial security problem to be explored. The research structure, content and originality measures are:The financial security theory is probed in chapter 1,2 and 3. Theory study mostly touch tightly with the practice of Chinese financial security principles, restriction factors, safety normative mechanisms. Explained Chinese finance to international finance conformity dynamical mechanism and rout. Summarized financial security principle scientifically. Open out Chinese financial security management law.The financial security is faced with challenge and practice problems are researched in chapter 4 and 5. Aim at the practice problem after China joins WTO. The finance will be faced with the competition severity. Thetradition finance turns faster into the new finance. Bring forward dynamics theory that finance turns type and development come from financial energy and financial structure the result of interaction. The safety control of turn type should turn direction by financial institutions to financial function control work out direction, intensity and time three-dimensions diorama supervisions system. Chinese financial security essential is advance competition strength. Advance competition strength depends on the talent, attract talent must have new mechanism, manpower resource application and the development is the key.Chinese financial se...
Keywords/Search Tags:finance turns type, financial security, financial energy, security measurement indicators system, real time monitor with early warning system, stereoscopic supervision framework.
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