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Study On Basic Theoretic Issue Of Land Use Planning

Posted on:2005-06-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122994578Subject:Soil science
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Land problem has been an important social and economic issue.which is shared by all countries throughout the world.In order to dispose of the problem,every country emphasizes the importance of land use planning.It is regard as an necessary technical tool to realize both the land allocation rationally and the sustainable development of social economy. It is inadequate in study on the field of land use planning in the level of theory.especially of the basic theory for it is carried through both as an social practice and as a political action by government in a long is also the main reason why the practice of land use planning has been taken for half pass of a century.the performances of land use planning are general ineffective, most of them haven't been brought into play to guide the land use in plactice although it is maken great effort in land use planning to most countries and both the technique and method of drawing the land use planning have been put forward great progress.How dose the planning work?Which factors influence the performance of planning to take play?It is only the way to make such basic problem clear in order to make the performance of planning more effective by adopting the right way,and these are earning down to the basic theoretic Issue of land use planning.The reasons why many of the efforts to improve the performance seems so ineffective for many years is that lacking of the study on such basic theoretic Issue,while the performance of planning is focued by people's vision who are taking their attentions to land use planning to solve the land problem. In the background of period of society & economic transition when the economic globalization is taking place and China is joining the WTO,the problem of land in our country looks more.and it is very necessary to have scientific theories to guide the planning practice in order to solve the land problems.So,it is become an important task to strengthen the theory study on land use planning, especially the basic theory.On the base of the reasons that referred above,the paper study some basic theoretic issue that surround the performance of planning as main route.The main contents of this paper are:(1)Through of the analyses on the essence of land use planning,on the mechanism of land use planning action,on the setting surroundings,etc,the acting processes and conditions of performance of land use planning are revealed.The paper considers it is the necessary condition to realize the effect of planning that the value which the plan chooses should be identified with society and local government and meanwhile it should be accord with the policy of whole country since the planning is regarded as a marco-control tool for government to conquer the market-failure and to defend the benefits of people.and besides these,the effects of planning are also influnced by the planning contexts,including institutional,socialand economical contexts.(2)Based of the study above,the paper bring the concept and method about planning risk and risk elusion forward.Because of the limit of government decision-making,of practitioner's quality.of difficult forecasting in change of planning contexts,the planning process exists risks,and this means the effects of planning are difficult to hold.The risk elusion is necessary in planning in order to ensure the effects of planning take play and depress planning risk to lowest degree.The methods of risk elusion including:to improve the idea .innovate the pattern,enhance crasis of technique sense and institution sense,attach importance to conformity the benefits throughout the whole planning process,improve the institutional context which the land use planning relies on.(3)Combines the cases,the paper studies idiographicly with some risk elusion methods and puts the ideas forward: in the process of economic globalization, the land use plannning will change much, such as strengthening its incertitude, weakening its boundary, transferring its function and enhancing marketable degree of its running.So,it is necessary to inno...
Keywords/Search Tags:land use, planning, theory, public participation, evaluation of implementation
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