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Study On The Public Policy Selection In The Course Of Internet Development

Posted on:2005-03-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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From the point of global economy and markets, the International Internet has been formed by the interconnections of all countries' networks with each other throughout the world and become the most important infrastructure of the world economy as well as the development of every county in the world, which makes the developments of all counties has been influenced by each other more intensive than ever before. In the face of the changes of economic system and based on some theories of economics in many fields, this thesis has discussed the new economic paradigm of Internet and therefore demonstrates the importance of Internet to every county. It begins with the analysis of the relationships between public policy selections of governments and the current status and the problems of Internet development, than points the indispensability of international public polices for the promotion and the safeguard of the balance development of Internet all of the world. At the last, with the case study of China and the use of an analytical model of econometrics, the notable facts of polices are drawn from the analysis. The result of the analysis of econometrics supports the view that the public policy selection of the governments of developing countries must be suitable for the development level of the regional economy, which have offered a positive and theoretical foundation for the developing countries to make up public policy selections to develop Internet in their countries. So it is a worthwhile topic of this thesis for it's new, realistic and a lack of full discuss in the academia.There are six chapters in this thesis. Chapter one is the introduction.In Chapter two, the current development situation of international Internet and motive force mechanism, with a large number of latest data and materials, the speed, characteristics , current scale and further developing direction of the development of Internet in the world have been introduced . It fully represents the development course of Internet during less than 20 years. It also points out the Internet will enter a new period of broadband, local area, commercial use in the following ten years .At the same time, the regional disparity can been obviously seen in the international Internet development. The advantage of sending first of the developed country like USA is still irreplaceable in the market of Internet interconnection and the development of Internet economic. A large number of facts indicate that the technological innovation, the government public policy collection and the market mechanism are mutually promoting and merging. They togetherpromote Internet development throughout the world. Meanwhile, experiences of countries all over the world have proved that the public policy selection of various governments is the most important fact in the international Internet development.In Chapter three, the Internet characteristic of technology and economy and new paradigm of network economy, it is fully proved that Internet has already become indispensable international infrastructure, which established the theoretical foundation of this thesis. Because of the different characteristic of new technology of Internet from the other technology, it is the point of beginning of the analysis. Then, the relationships of its economic characteristic to its technological one have been described on the basis of contemporary information economics. And with the multi-field economics such as the labor division theory of classical economics, new developing classical economics and the trade expenses theory of new institutions economics, we excavate the mechanism by that Internet creates Internet economy which makes traditional economic paradigm shift, represent its ability to form the large-scale production effect, reduce information cost, and setup virtual organizations on Internet, which has built a new social-economic formation, has greatly improved the efficiency of economical operation, and has changed the mode of traditional economic growth, as the new mode of high growth , low unemploy...
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