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Research On American Digital Economy

Posted on:2006-05-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Internet has been penetrating into each field of society with high speed since 1990. In such situation, human society is entering the age of digital economy. To correctly understand the intension and development laws of digital economy has been important issues before us. This article regards American economy as the research object, discovers the intension of digital economy, laws of development of digital economy, and analyses its impact on world economy and countermeasures of China. 1.Defining the intension of digital economy The digital economy is a new form of economy, resulted from digital revolution penetrating into each field of both society and economy. It is an economic revolution, pushed by the continuous innovation of digital technology, and accompanied with knowledge society, innovation of digital technology, and the phenomenon of new economy. Therefore, we can give the concrete content of digital economy. Based on knowledge, under catalyst of digital technology (especially computer and internet), digital economy is a new form of economy representing digitization in the field of manufacture, management and circulation. Such definition includes three aspects :(1) At formality, digital economy is the trend of digitalization, net working and electricity in business behavior. That's the booming development of the electronic commerce;(2) On the contents, the digital economy is the trends of digitization for traditional industry, and the appearance and booming development of newly arisen digital industry; (3) In essence, digital economy is the digital trends in knowledge society, pushed by technology based on 1 and 0.This content decides its difference between industrial economy, such as digitalization, visualization, modulization and moleculization. Thus, Digital economy shapes the non-friction economy, sustainable economy, attention economy and service economy. 2.The theory of the development of digital economy: technological improvement and institution change The development of digital economy is a dynamic "destructive creativity" process depending on technology improvement and institution change. Digital technology improvement plays an important role in the beginning of digital economy. The economic development is an interactive process of technology improvement and institution change. In this process, market scale, the information dissemination channel and enterprise organization function as the medium. Technology improvement can easily bring the extension of market scale, affect the acquisition of information, and promote the change of enterprise organization. Such result of technology progress can take temporary economic prosperity. Social technology system, once attaining the peak, can bring the new unbalance on economy and social conflict. Many destructive factors and frustration appear in the development of digital economy. At this time, strengthening institution innovation is important guarantee for further development of digital economy. The interaction of technology progress and institution change lay the theory foundation for analyzing American digital economy. 3.The analysis of development course of American digital economy American digital economy experiences origin, growth and frustration three periods, representing digital revolution penetrating into each field of American society and economy. In this revolution, the new digital industry appears and develops rapidly, and will become the new economic growth of 21 century. In addition to technology, special institution environment in America also plays an important function in digital economy. From the view of macro-environment ofinstitution, the new liberalism thoughts and the free market standpoint penetrate into the economic development policy of United States, especially industry policy for telecommunication and media based on digital technology, which creates the suitable macro-environment for digital economy. From the view of institutional micro-environment, the creative system of "government, industry, university and public"takes the American economy to digital economy. Moreover, supports of finance and policy by government also play an important role in rising and prosperity of digital economy. 4.The analysis of American digital economy with micro-foundation Digital economy is creative economy. With the development of the American digital economy, product, market and enterprise also have the trend of digitalization. The innovation of digital product, digital market and digital enterprise become strong motive for American economy, which comes from three reasons. Firstly, digital product has the special physical nature of non-broken, which decides scale increasing effect, networking effect, locking effect and special pricing method. Such economic effects and behaviors improve the productivity and bring the extension of market scale. Secondly, the emergence of digital market can increase the availability of information and lower the cost, and thus encourage both buyers and sellers participate in the market, realizing the transition from circuit economy to service economy. Finally, digital enterprise brings enterprise reorganization and improves the management efficiency. 5.The analysis of American digital economy with macro-phenomenon Digital economy is destructive economy. With the widespread application of the information technology and digital networks, the destructiveness represents in the digitalization of micro-economy and the institution lagging of macro-economy. The unbalance of efficiency between traditional government model and business model, unbalanced distribution of digital resources among different communities and areas, and the problem of new labor market structure...
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