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Study On The Constructing Modes And Operating Mechanism Of New Type Rural Science And Technology Service System In Jilin Province

Posted on:2006-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360155953651Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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The main characteristics of agricultural production depend highly upon naturalresources and relative non-elasticity of production cycles. Being one of mainfoodstuff regions of China, Jilin province's basic development outlet is developingagricultural production, improving agricultural labor productivity and realizing themain cropper's value increment in agricultural industry chain, which based on theadvantage of existing resources and depended upon agricultural technology'sprogress, in the process of the revitalization of the old northeastern industrial bases.But, there are no relations between agricultural technological development andpeasantry. Only through peasantry's education and administration of socializationservice's propagandizing, demonstrating and assisting, can agricultural technologybe accepted by peasantry. So, rural science and technology service system is abooster to translate agricultural technological production into practical productivity.Most of rural service system was established under the system of socialistplaned economy in China, which had a single task of spreading agriculturaltechnological production. Although a series of economy and politics had beeninnovated, the rural science and technology service system can not satisfy therequests of integrative world economy and internationalization of agriculturalproduction, because of the effects of agricultural production's self characteristicsand the reliability on the path in the institutional transition.Jilin province has advantage in abundant resource in agricultural productionand preliminary new rural technology service system had been formed. A group ofagricultural science and technology demonstration zone (point), agricultural expertwork station, agricultural expert rural households had been established in Jilinprovince. While the basic modes and operating mechanism mentioned above isprimary and don't realize enlargement of scale, standardization, marketlization andcouldn't express its outstanding function. There are a lot of imperfectly aspects inJilin province's rural sci-tech service system, such as information non-circulation,non-tightness with market connection, some specialized agricultural associationfaultiness, and agricultural enterprise disjoint. Therefore, establishing new ruralsci-tech service system's suitable modes and its perfect operating mechanismbecome a current urgent task, which can change agricultural economy fromextension increasing into intension increasing. This paper is supported by sci-tech development project of Jilin provinceStudies on Sci-Tech Innovation System In Jilin Province Study on theConstruction Modes and Operating Mechanism of New Rural Science andTechnology Service System in Jilin Province and aimed at establishing new ruralsci-tech service system's correct modes and efficiency operating mechanism in Jilinprovince. Based on the analysis of system structure of rural sci-tech service systemand referencing the developed countries'constructing experiments, the main factorswhich infect rural sci-tech service system are analyzed in this paper withquantitative methods. With the study on the infect factors, such as agriculturalsci-tech production supply and demand, basic law of diffusion and agriculturalsci-tech production life cycle assessment (LCA), the basic developing tendency ofrural sci-tech service system is forecasted, and the constructing of rural sci-techservice system's theory foundation and practical significance are definited in thispaper. The empirical analysis of rural sci-tech service system's concrete mode andoperating mechanism in Jilin province is given in this paper. The paper's mainresearch work can be summarized as following: (1) The status of rural sci-tech service system in overall rural socializationservice system is analysed in the view of system, and the basic structure of ruralsci-tech service system and function of every section are also identified. The rural sci-tech service system is a rural sci-tech service synthetic systemconstituted by some department, administration, organization, conglomerate etc. inorder to research new sci-tech of agricultural production and translate it intopractical productivity. Any system's function is determined by the organization'sstructure and connecting mechanism. Based on the research of before andcooperating with the new variety of modern agricultural production and societyeconomy development, the paper proposes that the rural socialization servicesystem is constituted by rural sci-tech service system, rural credit service system,agricultural supply and marketing service system and agricultural informationservice system. And the rural sci-tech service system is more explicitly identified asa synthetic system constituted by agricultural education, agricultural research,agricultural sci-tech extension and agricultural sci-tech information service, and soon. Because of different factors of natural resources, economy developing leveland society politics in different country, every country has established itsagricultural sci-tech service system with its own characteristics in the long perioddevelopment of agriculture and society economy. By studying the developedcountry's rural socialization service system's basic laws and characteristics ofestablishment and development, we can obtain many meaniful referencessignificance in building new rural sci-tech service system in Jilin province. By theanalysis of rural sci-tech service system in U.S.A, Japan, and Australia, wesummarized the basic experiment of developed country and drew conclusions onthe rural sci-tech service system's basic characteristics and functions in the view ofsystem structure, operating mechanism and macro environment, and so on. (2)Using TN method with qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis, themain factors which can affect the rural sci-tech service system's function areidentified. If we want to establish an efficiency rural sci-tech service system, we mustgrasp the important degree of every factor which can infect the system's functionand establish the structure and mechanism with the least system consume byanalysis of each infecting factors'characteristics. Studies and solutions on most ofsociety economy involve multiple science areas. Therefore, satisfied conclusion isunable to be obtained if we just using a single method in society science, appliedmathematics or management science. TN method is an integrated methodology from system diagnosis, systemoptimization and system evaluation to find out the basic path in discovering,analysing and resolving problems. Using the concrete steps of DEMENTALmethod and constructing an infected factor of the rural sci-tech service systemanalysis model in TN method, the causes that infect different modes of ruralsci-tech service systems and the main factors which restrict sci-tech service systemfunctions have been found out. In the conclusion, the middle degree of supply inagricultural sci-tech production is identified the most important in 26 factors. Themain infected factors in the efficacy of rural sci-tech service system are the degreeof realizing agricultural information restricted by supply quantity and diffusionpath of agricultural sci-tech production.(3) The basic laws of agricultural sci-tech productions'supply, demand anddiffusion are deeply analysed. Studying the characteristics of agricultural sci-tech productions'supply anddemand, peasants'behavior is analysed. In the view of the basic mathematicmodels of agricultural sci-tech productions'diffusion, the speed of diffusion inpeasants is studied in this paper. The basic law and theory are discovered bystudying the models of agricultural sci-tech productions'diffusion, e.g. Mansfieldmodel and Bayes model, and peasants'behavior and decision model in Games. Thebasic law and theory can give some supports in establishing new type rural sci-techservice system. (4)Based on the basic theories of agricultural sustainable development and lifecycle, the basic structure of agricultural sci-tech productions'life cycle analysis(LCA) is proposed in this paper, which extended the life cycle theory's wideth andprofundity in agriculture. The relationship of LCA and agricultural sci-tech servicesystem is also discussed in this paper. Every period of life cycle is impenetrate in the whole development process ofagricultural sci-tech productions, which is a necessary process of any agriculturalsci-tech production. The agricultural sci-tech productions will produce reciprocaleffect with environment and peasants'profit and yield when peasants accept it. Theagricultural sci-tech productions'life cycle analysis system in proposed bydefinitely identifying the different life cycle period, analysis the LCA of differentperiods in the view of system engineering and following the path of life cycle'sdifferent developing period. The basic law and theory can give some supports inestablishing new type rural sci-tech service system. (5)Using the basic theory and characteristics of Delphi method, the developingtendency of rural sci-tech service system is concretely analysed and forecasted bysending questionnaire to related experts and scientific induction. (6)Systematically analysing the existing problems of rural sci-tech servicesystem in Jilin province, the innovation of rural sci-tech system is proved withimportant significance to agriculture and development of our country's economy inmultiple aspects. Using theories of technological and institutional innovation, thenecessity of rural sci-tech service system's innovation in Jilin province is studiedmore deeply than before. Based on the theory research mentioned above andcombining with the natural resources characteristics, the function realization ofnew type rural sci-tech service system in Jilin province has done a lot of empirical...
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Science and Technology Service System, Construction Mode, Agricultural Science and Technological Production, Operating Mechanism, Life Cycle Assessment, Technological Innovation, Institution Transition, Jilin province
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