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Enterprise Technology Innovation Issues

Posted on:2001-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360002950099Subject:Business management
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A more fierce innovation competition stands behind the immense marketcompetition. Being one of the core of innovation system in modern enterprises, thetechnological innovation mobilizes the development of enterperises. Technologicalinnovation capability determines the level of technology competition of anenterprise and therefore its whole competition strength. Under the background ofglobal competition, an enterprise Which lags behind in technological innovationlacks market competition strength and is doomed to go bankrupt. Therefore, it isabsolutely certain that technological innovation be of great significance for anenterprise to survive and develop and be the fountain of the power to make acountry to be competitive. However, many problems occurred in the process oftechnological innovation performing in Chinese enterprises. Beginning withexplicating the meaning of technological innovation, this paper deeply analyzedsome substantial problems Which have occurred in technological innovation of ourenterprises.This paper consists of five sections. In the first section the author explains themeaning of technological innovation and the strategic significance ofimplementing it. In the second section the author firstly presents three types oftechnological innovation strategies available to enterprises and the reasons,conditions and factors for enterprises to adopt them, then the author emphasizedthe theory of product life cycle and the technological innovation strategies takencorresponding to the different episodes of product life cycle. Finally the authorproposes two kinds of technology chase traps, that is, capability chase trap andinvestment chase trap. Some basic strategies in overtaking these two kinds of trapsare also discussed in this section. The third section of this paper mainly analyzedsome substantial aspects in technological innovation of our enterprises. Firstly thecurrent situation of R&D of our enterprises are discussed, secondly the inner andouter factors key to technological innovation success and main reasons resulting intechnological innovation are discussed and it is believed that the fundamentalobstacle comes to the lack of technological innovation capability which is shownin following aspects : talent shortage, information obstruction, lacking ofinnovation management and marketing capability. In the fourth section the authorsumrnarizes the Problems exishng in the technologlcal innovaton of ourenterprises based on the analysis of the third section and Puts fond thecoUnermeasures Which should be taken to deaI with these problems frommacrocosmic and microcosmic angles. The last section established a evaluationindicator system and evaluaton method considering the importance thattechnological irmovation caPability enable enterprises to maintain comPettionsUPeriority and achieve the best economic benefits. Such a system and method isused in evaluaing the technological innovation caPability of Shijtaluang JingangInternal-combustion Engine GrouP CO., LTD.
Keywords/Search Tags:technological innovation, product life cycle, technology chase trap, R&D, technological innovation capability, evaluation index
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