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Chinese Communist Party System Construction Research

Posted on:2007-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:W M PengFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185478360Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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CPC's party system building is important to the consolidation and development of the ruling status of the party, from which perspective it is also related to the future and the destiny of the Chinese people in the new century.The introduction mainly provides a basic introduction to this paper. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and examine the system building of the Communist Party of China. Starting from a practical situation, and with the forward-looking idea it designs the party's specific systems, exploring the practical and effective system building of the party's path. The system building is directly related to the party and the country's future and destiny and the theoretical study of the system is to enable the party to raise the level of the overall building, in addition, the further research on the party' s building and the summarization of the theoretical system are in the need. After the general introduction to the status quo of the system building at home and abroad, the article points out that studying the party system needs to use such methods as the dialectical materialism, historical materialism, literature and comparative research. The innovation of this paper: to take the party system building as a system to study, to make scientific position of the main contents of the party system building, to bring a basic concept of strengthening and improving the Party's system building.Chapter I firstly explains the basic concepts, such as the system, the party system, the party system building, making a systemic analysis of the party system building. The building of the party system stands the decisive and ruling position. System changes to borrow theoretical research is of great value in the system. The party system as a system and a process of gradual improvement, from the point of view of systems engineering, should study the goal of the system, value orientation, basic elements. Gradually improve the system as a long-term process, in the process of the system to correctly handle the relationship between inheritance and innovation. This chapter discusses the basic theory, in order to lay a solid foundation for the following.Chapter Two, from the perspective of the history and reality of the Chinese Communist Party system, comes to the enlightenment through inspecting the first five periods of the system' s history. Then, starting from the new international environment in the new century, internal changes and new problems in the party, the paper demonstrates the necessity and urgency of building the system. The second chapter gives the exploration to the history and reality of the inspection system of the Chinese Communist Party, aiming at clarifying the importance, necessity and urgency of the system building.
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