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Local Power Conflict

Posted on:2006-08-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The contemporary village society is changing from tradition society to modern society, village group conflict affairs are an important kind of conflict in this period. In village group conflict, benefit conflict increases, form of conflict comes to upgrade. Tribe power which mounts on local power platform again is a kind of important strength. Tribe power is kind of non-formality power having organization, rules and family tree, which directly affects the operation of local official power. Tribe elite comes up and has evident impact. Because of unreasonable resource setup, uncoordinated benefit relationship, too heavy farmer burden, village group conflict takes place constantly. At the same time, the poor strength of village local government results into tense relationship between cadre and masses which makes villager more dissatisfied. Contradiction of farmer' s benefit and power cann' t be resolved reasonably and timely. Confliction between officeial and inofficeial power brings up.Because rural political reformation is slower than economical reformation and economy development is not coordinate to society development, there is a long interim in rural society when it tranfroms translates from 'Li' government to law government. In this period, the outstanding feature of the society is out of order, because the old order cann' t be maintained and the new order needs time to come into being. Rural community in this period has party branch of village community on behalf of nation and village self-government committee on behalf of both nation and community which are formality power and tribe power on behalf of villager and village non-government elite. They consist in public power place in village community. So local power forms conflict net in transformation period, harmony of village society faces to new challenge. The article manages to find memory of village community and construction way of cosmos order by field investigation to group conflict of GanXi village.On eighteenth of august in 2000, "8 · 18" group conflict between A tribe and B tribe in GanXi village took place. It is called "festival rebellion" by the masses, in spite of no definite conclusion by the Government, its character is clear. Nation and Government send out working team and investigation team to here in following years, on one hand to pay attention to tribe changing of GanXi, on the other hand to do some investigation. There are two confusing questions for them: firstly, why cann' t find launcher and organizer, isn' t it spontaneous and voluntarily? Secondly, why no villager in W village to join in "8. 18" affair? Before the confliction, Wang someone who is elite in W village (which is a village having thousands Wang villagers ) got a journal...
Keywords/Search Tags:social transformation, village society, formality power, non-formality power, conflict
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