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Sun Yat-sen Political Nationalism Thought

Posted on:2008-08-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Nationalism has been a general trend of the world for a century, it has affected the course of the world history deeply. As for China, Chinese Nationalism being on the rise also is one of leading force in modern historical evolution process.In a certain degree, the more research is done on some complete historical issues, the more the possibility of discussion was made. The study for Sun Yat-sen has been a high spot in the studying field, and has got a lot of result. But some issues is worthy to do further. So I choose the Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought as my paper in order to obtain rich Sun Yat-sen to his politics Nationalism thought to the modern times, the studies of academic research works is not over , additionally , this subject is rich in content. There are more questions to study and it ought to be do some research again and again.Based on the results of others, this paper combs the development of the Sun Yat-sen political nationalism and the influence for the following nationalism; estimates the historical role of it. The paper analyzes the content of the "han nationality", "Five race republicanism", "big China" political nationalism, and inspects the deformation of it.History period to the paper is from 1895 till 1925, including 30years.Sun Yat-sen political Nationalism has the clear evolution trajectory. Itcontains three stages, "Han nationality", "five race republic", and "big China" political nationalism. Every stage is rich in the times characteristic.The first chapter "the beginnings" , academic circles has already from "Nationalism the modern times" and "Sun Yat-sen Nationalism " at two tier of face retrospect's summaries home and abroad research result, study a frame specifically for the others keeping space but suggesting that thought is the main visual angle of selected topic , establishes full text with politics Nationalism. And then, have expounded the " nation" , "Nationalism" , "national states concept" and "politics Nationalism" import detailedly.The Second chapter "the origin of the thought", briefly introduces the times background and the class basis, have summarized west thought and the impact of achievement of Chinese history soil over Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism formation.The third chapter "Han nationality" political nationalism, this chapter comments the Sun Yat-sen "the Han nationality" politics Nationalism thought, summarizes development course, country's connotation has carried out analysis on "important Han nationality", the thought that this political nationalism has a very big harmfulness with deep race Nationalism color.The fourth chapter "five races republics" politics Nationalism, thechapter has inspected the change from politics of "the Han nationality" Nationalism to "five races republic" politics of Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism. Then, Sun Yat-sen has united from the people sovereign right , the nation, connotation of the aspect "five races republicanism" country such as territory unification , form of government has carried out analysis from political economy, culture , religion.The fifth chapter "big Chinas Nationalism", the paper builds up a country including the nation "the omnipotent government", "structuring powers and functions differentiation", "builds sovereign right", regarding as Sun Yat-sen obtaining "the five-power constitution' form of government, political party politics and revolution procedure commenting on content in six aspects, then returns process back to the development having discussed Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought arriving at "big China" from "five race republicanism", the nation having expounded and proven Sun Yat-sen national amalgamation, anti-imperialist saves self, the national self-determination thought.Sixth chapter "the deformation of Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism", The impact of the thought has expounded and proven Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism over Communist Party of China, the thought two aspect has realized to Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism inheritance and has exceeded Communist Party of China from "five race republicanism" , "national autonomies".Seventh chapter "the ending", summed up Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism characteristic, the politics and society effect to Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought have carried out investigation and discussion, and have pointed out whose limitation.The paper adopts the traditional historical research method mainly, and the method using ethnology and political science concurrently together.A characteristic of the paper is that the Chinese politics Nationalism trend of thought has carried out first step investigation and discussion on the modern times, thinks that Mr. Sun Yat-sen political Nationalism has significant effect to China the modern times. Origin has carried out carding on Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought.Secondly, the evolution of two mainlines transfixes the full text with nation thought and national states thought of Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism, paying attention to inherent nature connection between nation thought and national states, to explain Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought connotation and to develop process. The first step having been in progress among them to Sun Yat-sen national states idea is expounded and proven.Thirdly, the paper inspects the effect to Communist Party of China from Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism. The sum exceeds the inheritance thinking that Communist Party of China's Nationalism has come true toSun Yat-sen politics Nationalism. Since but studying the face relating that is broader originally, local data disinterment has degree of difficulty, the paper is not had therefore, to Sun Yat-sen politics Nationalism thought to Chinese complicated problem such as political, territory of nationality, politics changes affecting the effect having chosen Communist Party of China and Nationalist Party have done the first step investigation and discussion, to Chinese Revolution of 1911, Republic the modern times.
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