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A Study On The Construction Of Administrative Ability Of County's Party Committee

Posted on:2007-03-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360212959817Subject:Political Theory
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Strengthen the construction of administrative ability of county's party committee is an important content in party's construction. County's Party Committee is shouldering the function in party's organization system which links the preceding with the following. It is in practice stratification plane which leads the full scale development of economic society. It must obey the instruction of macroscopic strategic, maintenance macroscopic overall benefit, implements the central committee's route general and specific policies the basic unit. Moreover it is a leader and organizer, must link to the local reality, creatively advances the local economy and social enterprise coordinated development, and strengthens the instruction, the organization, the service and the coordination to the microscopic work. It is difficult of constructing administrative ability in countryside, and key in basic unit. Administrative ability of County's Party Committee is manifesting party's ruling level as well as party's ruling goal realization directly. Only then sharpens the Administrative ability of County's Party Committee unceasingly, our party can exercise the leadership and the management entire country right, can hold and use the power excellently for the people. Strengthen the construction of administrative ability has the vital practical significance and the profound strategic sense.In the fundamental researches and the reality practices, we have made many valuable discussions in the questions which involved to party's ruling ability construction. It provides some beneficial enlightenment, but the research angle of view is more to the integrity inspection and Party's construction discipline, and it often puts with emphasis on the elementary...
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