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Political Positioning And Influence Factors Of The Two Sides Of The Taiwan Authorities

Posted on:2006-01-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:E S SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360242473006Subject:International relations
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As the most sensitive and important question, "Definition on the political status across the Taiwan Straits" is a key to dissolve and resolve the structural contradiction and conflict in the relations across the Taiwan straits of the day. Based on a detailed hackling of the definition on the political status across the Straits by the Taiwan authority over the past 50 years, this dissertation explores the main characteristics in substance and their historical reasons behind, by way of a systematic exposition of the inner and outer factors through a leveled analysis, and then advances some corresponding suggestions on dealing with Taiwan affairs by the mainland. Besides the introduction and conclusion, the dissertation contains six chapters. The main contents of each part are as follows:The part of introduction identifies the research subjects, objectives and significance of the dissertation, with explanations on the data, methodology and limitations of the research.Chapter 1, the theoretical approach to the analysis of the definition on the political status across the Taiwan Straits by Taiwan authority. Within the framework of a leveled analysis mode, those main factors of definition are to be ascertained, and variables and rules, to be found out. There are four sections in this chapter, namely, the definition of the research subject, the clarification of some concepts, the establishment of the analysis mode and an evaluation of it.Chapter 2, the evolution of definition on the political status across the Taiwan Straits. As the foundation of the whole analysis, it aims at clarifying the specifics and substance of the issue over different periods in the past 50 years since KMT retreated to Taiwan in 1949. This is done in a chronological order from the two Jiangs' period, the early period of Lee Tenghui's government, the period of Lee's reinforced government, to the period of Chen Shuibian's government.From Chapter 3 to Chapter 6, the deep-seated reasons for the Taiwan authority's definition of the political status across the straits are studied from four different perspectives.Chapter 3, an analysis of the political personality of the decision-makers from a micro perspective. It contains two parts with one on Lee's political personality and his mainland policy and the other on Chen's and his definition on the political status across the Taiwan Straits.Chapter 4, the influence of the Taiwan's partisan politics on the definition of the political status across the Taiwan straits. From the perspective of the party in power, it construes the nature of Taiwan's party in power and the influence of "national identity" on the definition on political status across the Taiwan Straits. There are two parts: one on KMT's party nature and its influence on definition issue and the other on the DPP's (the Democratic Progress Party).Chapter 5, the transformation of Taiwan's political system and its influence on the definition of political status across the Taiwan Straits. To a considerable extent, the definition issue is affected by the Taiwan's political system. Different demands for the definition issue are made under different political systems. This chapter is composed of three sections: the definition under the authoritative system, the political transformation in Taiwan and its influence on the definition issue, and finally, the present day definition affected by the development of Taiwan's partisan politics.Chapter 6, the "outer" factors affecting the definition on the political status across the Taiwan Straits. Taiwan issue being China's internal affairs, the mainland can not be viewed as an "outer" factor on the question of Taiwan in the strict sense, but for the convenience of study and from a broader perspective, the mainland could be considered an "outer" factor in a relative sense. There are three sections in this chapter: the mainland factor, the U. S. factor and other international factors on the definition issue.The part of conclusion, based on a summary of the whole dissertation, puts forward some suggestions on the mainland's work toward Taiwan, namely, a peaceful reunification of the motherland.
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