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Research On Modern China Customs Administrative Power Condition And Supervision System

Posted on:2008-02-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360242959735Subject:Political Theory
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The Customs,as the supervision and management organization for imports and exports of the country,plays an important role in the opening China。The highly economic value of the Customs enforcement power and the highly complexity of the enforcement environment,makes the Customs,which owns a great amount of free adjuticate power ,undertakes considerable enforcement risks during their enforcement process。The Customs enforcement,which is the central issue among the various power and profit conflictions,especially as we are in the turning point of economic development of China,there are exist a great deal of uncoordinated factors,just as the followings:our revolution is still in the heavily fortifield positions;the legal system of the country is being gradually perfected;the legal sense of the people is being gradually strengthened;the enforcement environment of the Customs is very complicated;the smuggling crime collude with the Customs corruption that make the anti-smuggling struggle hard and dangerous;the different negative decadent ideology and corruption phenomenon continuously corrode and attack the Customs troops;upright and honest education is not strong enough;the power supervision system is being fully performed,etc。These uncoordinated factors,which take a great influence on the China Customs administrative power performance,both for system and idea,with the outer pressure and the inner variation,make the current Customs administrative power activities that break the law and violate discipline of China presents a trend for diversity,intellectual and conceal。In the future,the enforce risk and the incorruptible risk of the Customs administrative power performance will be in a highly level for a long period。The highly risky character of the Customs administrative power is fully explained the utmost importance for Customs power supervision,and at the same time it also cause hardship and difficulties for the supervision performance。Therefore,only for we deeply study and recognize the characteristics and regularity of the Customs enforcement power performance,together with the effective condition and supervision during the whole process in Customs enforcement power performance ,that we can effectively keep the Customs performance corruption within limits,and also correctly use the Customs power that both benefit for the country and the people。This paper is based on the Theory of Knowledge from Marxism,and following the principle of theory integrate practice and theory supervise practice,proceed from the definition for the basic connotation and primary theory of the two different methods:the administrative power condition and the administrative power supervision。And on the basis of the conclusion that drawn from the Chinese and the western countries ways and methods for administrative power condition and supervision,I put forward that in order to fully realize the controlling for the Customs power that we should construct our China Customs power condition and supervision system based on the following ideas:power condition power;power supervise power;moral supervise power。At the same time,we should also assure that the Customs power is fulfilled normally。During the process to build the Customs power condition system,I probe into how to apply the modern administrative methods such as risky management and inner controlling to construct the inner Customs administrative power condition system which based on the inner division condition theory。During the process to build the Customs power supervision system,following the ways of law supervision,benefit inspiration and moral supervision and so on,I probe into how to build the Customs administrative power supervision system and moral supervision system。I hope that through the joint efforts by the Customs power condition system and power supervision system,we will fully realize the effective management for the Customs power and make assure it works under the normal process。Introduction is founded on the reasons of choosing the topic,and also focused on the targets,purposes and significance of the research。It summarizes the existing achievements in the field,raises research strategies and new ideas ,and also offers the construction of the thesis。The thesis comprises four sections。 Chapter I, the Modern China Customs Administrative Condition and Supervision TheoryThis chapter,which based on the Theory of Knowledge from Marxism,mainly analyses the intension , extension and functions of two prior controlling measures:condition and supervision。It systematically summarizes executive rights condition and supervision theory of all ages,home and abroad,and studies the main methods of supervision and condition employed by Marxism and western countries。It puts forward three possible ways listed as follows:to condition executive rights by authority,to supervise executive rights by authority,to supervise executive rights by morality,which builds a theoretical structure of authority condition and supervision system in Customs。Chapter II , the Characteristics of the Modern China Customs Administrative Power and Analysis on its Condition and Supervision System Chapter two analyses characteristics of executive rights and trends of supervision and condition in Customs of China today,which points out the existing problems and probes into the necessity and prominence of reinforcing the authority condition and supervision in Customs。It also makes it clear that to reinforce the authority condition and supervision is the prerequisite and promise to remove the denial of justice,to build the Customs of legality,the Customs of responsibility,the Customs of good service and to construct the Customs of harmony。Chapter III , the Construction of the Modern China Customs Administrative Power Condition SystemThis chapter,based on the theory of"rights condition rights",mainly emphasizes the construction of conditioning system in the executive rights of Customers。Because of such features of the straight leading system,priority to specialty and independence in executive rights,functioning on its own and not easily being influenced by exterior disturbance,risky management and internal controlling system have been introduced into Customs。It deeply explores the authority condition system in Customs executive rights functioning system,which is directed by risky management and makes the divisible condition the main measure。 Chapter IV , the Construction of the Modern China Customs Administrative Power Supervision SystemChapter four aims at discussing the construction of the authority supervision system in Customs by means of authority supervision and morality supervision。As for authority supervision,based on the analysis of its current situation , I put forward that we should establish authority supervision guarantee system in Customs,expand the opening strength in executive affairs,encourage the staff to participate in the management and make full use of supervision from the management staff,and to give the rein to supervision effects by Customs legislation,law enforcement and their own rights。As for the other principal parts,based on the Profit Idea of Marxism,I put forward that we should build an encouraging system for profit supervision。Conclusion part is intended to summarize the thesis and points out the shortcomings and future study intentions,and express the authors expectations of perfecting the executive rights condition and supervision system in Customs。...
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