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Chinese Characteristics, The Formation And Operation Of The System Of Political Parties (1949-1956)

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The development of modern capitalism gave birth to the bourgeois political parties which had the modern sense of the integrity,so the political parties and political party system emerged in the political civilization of the world.In the Opium War,the imperialist gunboat made China become a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society,and the invasion of bourgeois democracy ideas had an important impact on China,an old Empire.Some advanced Chinese people knew that backwardness is always followed by defeat, thus national independence,strength and prosperity becoming Chinese people's dream from generation to generation,so national salvation and development toward richness were two basic issues for modern China.How to solve them? Some foresights witnessed the western firepower of ships and guns in the struggle,therefore admiring for the Western political civilization,so they waged a wave for national salvation through building parties.For a time,many Chinese political parties with different political views appeared,though few of them were political parties with full sense, however they created China's exploration of the political party system,by attempting to build parties and establish House in the feudal empire.Although the kind-hearted desire for saving the country was quickly killed by the feudal rulers,the thinking gate had been opened,which lead to the pursuit of the rolling tide of democracy.After many games,Dr.Sun Yat-sen,the great revolutionary forerunner,built the China Kuomingtang which developed very progressively and seized political power, therefore establishing the bourgeois political party system,with the help of Communist Party and the Soviet Union.After Sun's death,Chiang Kai-shek stole the fruits of the revolution,carried out a massacre on Chinese Communists and suppressed other political parties,abandoning the multi-party system and implementing one party dictatorship.But it turned out that a large number of intermediate parties some of which changed to democratic parties appeared in the process of Chiang Kai-shek's flouting the people's wishes and conducting massive massacre.At the same time,the brave Chinese communists were not intimidated,but they buried the bodies of comrades,wiped away the blood,and took up arms to start arduous struggles.In two Domestic Revolutionary wars and the War of Resistance against Japan,Chinese Communist Party demonstrated her advanced nature and the fighting capacity,gradually accepted by the masses,winning the support of the democratic parties and establishing a close relationship with them in the battle.Chinese Communist Party's political idea for Democratic Coalition Government was accepted by the democratic parties,which became the important political foundation for cooperation.In 1948,Chinese Communist Party issued the May Day slogan,which was positively responded by democratic parties.After careful preparation,in September 21st,1949,Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference convened successfully,marking the establishment of political party system with Chinese characteristics formally.After the founding of new China,the development of democratic parties endured some twists and turns,so there are only eight democratic parties by integration,which are Revolutionary Committee of the Kuomingtang of China,China Democratic League,China Association for Promoting Democracy,China Democratic National Construction,Chinese Peasant's and Workers Democratic Party,China Zhi Gong Party,Jiu San Society,Taiwan Democratic Self-Government League.These parties, together with Chinese Communist Party,made tremendous contributions to the resumption of the national economy and the socialist construction,and made unremitting efforts for the development of political party system with Chinese characteristics.In 1956,Chinese Communist Party put forward the slogan that was long-term coexistence and mutual supervision,and it became the guiding principle of the political party system with Chinese characteristics,which was a new starting point for the development of the political party system with Chinese characteristics. Meanwhile,in the particular social and historical condition,Chinese Communist Party and democratic parties innovated the operation mode of the political party system with Chinese characteristics,with their own operation mode also appearing new features,and they gradually changed to the ruling party or the Participating parties.In accordance with the historical logic mentioned above,the dissertation designs the framework:introduction,the four main parts and the concluding remarks. Introduction clarifies the meaning of the topic,research on related concepts,research methods,and introduces the main contents of the dissertation from the macro level.The first part introduces the birth and the emergence of modern political parties including bourgeois political parties and socialist political parties in the world briefly, then explores the establishment of China's political parties,the rise and bankruptcy of the party politics,parliamentary democracy in the late Qing Dynasty,as well as the failure of political party system advocated by Sun Yat-sen.This part also describes the realignment and regrouping of Kuomingtang of China,the Communist Party of China and some intermediate political parties.The second part notes the preparatory work for the establishment of the political party system and how to set it up nationwide.The dissertation elaborates how the delegates of democratic parties and democratic personages without party affiliation reached liberated areas smoothly in the sinister environment,and how they prepared for Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.The author believes that the hold of CPPCC means that the political party system was established only in political institution,however the political party system was established at the national level with the establishment of democratic regimes at all levels.This part also describes the Communist Party of China helped the democratic parties develop by constituting some specific policies,and elaborates the proposal progress and historical significance of the Long-term Coexistence and Mutual Supervision.The third part explores the social and historical conditions in which the political party system with Chinese characteristics forms,using the theory of ecology,the specific contents of multi-party cooperation,as well as the political party system's impacts on the system of social ecology.Around the main line of economic development,CPC and these democratic parties cooperated closely and worked together very well to ensure the rapid restoration of the national economy and the successful completion of socialist transformation.And then,the author points out that democratic parties achieved their own two changes in the basis of political identity.In addition,this section also discusses the interaction of the party system with Chinese characteristics and the establishment of socialist ideology in detail.The first two sections of the fourth part explain the operation mode of the political party system, the political power system and several specific forms of cooperation for ruling and participating.Then the dissertation analyzes the operation mode of these political parties'(the ruling party and the participating parties) own organizations.Conclusion Analyses the main value and shortcomings of the political party system during this period.What's more,this part also analyses how to follow through the political party system with Chinese characteristics for long and makes a number of thinking on how to strengthen and improve it.
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