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The Research On Democratic Technology Of Contemporary China

Posted on:2011-12-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Democratic technology is a new discourse in political science. As a universal value, democracy is accepted by more and more people. Nowadays, people's concern for democracy is the combination of the value level and technical level, shifting from the value level. To a large extent, the realization of democracy itself is dependent on the degree of development of democratic technology. From the drawing of lots, baker exile, investing beans in Athens city and other democratic way,to modern technology, the emergence of representative democracy,and then to the advent of the contemporary e-democracy technology and deliberative democratic technology,all reflects people's exploration and unremitting pursuit of the democratic technology. The realization of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics is also inseparable from the support of the democratic technology. The research and practice on democratic technology is the proper meaning of the title of socialist political civilization with Chinese characteristics. This issue is also an important subject on the political life in China.As a new perspective in political science study, the premise of the effective study in the practice of contemporary China democratic technology is how to build the basic theory of democratic technology. The study of this paper is just from the theory construction on democratic technology, further analysis of the development status, the plight and its causes in contemporary China. It also attempts to reveal the innovative ways of democratic technology to promote the effective functioning of socialist democracy with Chinese characteristics, protecting the progressive realization of the value of socialist democracy.First, paper defines the domain of discourse to research on contemporary Chinese democratic technology."Democratic technology"in this article is basing on the scope of political science disciplines rather than the range of subjects of philosophy of technology, which is different from the procedure democracy. And the democracy is limited to"modern democracy", which is constitutional democracy basing on the representative democracy. Further analysis is the specific type,development and evolution of democratic technology in the democratic process. This needs to identify before the research on the issue.Paper tries to build the basic theory of democratic technology. Through the analysis of the specific areas of democratic technology, including concept and content, nature and characteristics, structure, morphology and function etc, it establishes an initial understanding of democratic technology. And then from the perspective of the process of constitutional democracy,the paper classifies the democratic technology three types as electoral democratic technology, decision-making technology and supervision of democracy technology. It details the historical and the specific content of each democratic technology on development and evolution respectively. Finally, basing on the construction of comprehensive evaluation system on the rationality and feasibility analysis of democratic technologies,it analyses some typical democratic technologies, which makes it more clearly understand the efficacy and operating environment of democratic technology.The ultimate goal of paper is elaborating the development of contemporary China's democratic technology. In chapter IV and Chapter V, first, it combs the development process of China's democratic technology; then, it plays a detail analysis on achievements and the plight of contemporary China's democratic technology. At present, it has established a relatively complete set of democratic technology system in China, which guarantees the normal operation of the socialist democratic system to a certain extent. But it is undeniable that democratic technology still in its early stage of development in China, there are also many flaws and deficiencies. It mainly manifests the lack of supply and reasonable of democratic technology, human action or illegal action of democratic technology leading to the formal running and negative results of democratic technology. It inhibits the realization of socialist democratic values to a large extent, making the democratic ideal of socialism just"looks beautiful", in contrast with the democratic practice. Apart from democratic technology itself, the reason of the plight is subject to the immature for contemporary China's political and ecological environment. Finally, through analysis for the development logic of democracy and the key direction of contemporary Chinese democracy, it obtains the results that electoral democratic technology is the priority areas of contemporary Chinese democracy technology development. It detail analyzes the lack and defects of the contemporary Chinese electoral democratic technology, and puts forward the corresponding perfect measures.The realization of contemporary China's socialist democratic values is basing on the breakthroughs and innovation of democratic technology on the basis of China's national conditions. In Chapter V, paper makes a detailed analysis on the significance of use and innovation of democratic technology of China's democratic development in contemporary China, namely, training and developing modern civil on the basis of civil society, promoting the development of democracy"incremental", enhancing the legitimacy of the ruling and creating a harmonious, orderly and stable political order. It analyzes the intrinsic motivation, external conditions and principles of contemporary of democracy technological innovation in China. And it further analyzes the direction of the specific innovation of election democratic technology, decision-making democratic technology and supervision democratic technology in contemporary China. These provide a reference to speed up the process of building democratic political in contemporary China. Finally, the paper looks ahead the development trends of democratic technology in contemporary China. It considers that there are some flaws of the representative democracy, which can not overcome itself in China and even in the world, needing further expansion of participatory democracy to compensate for it. However, the representative democracy is still the main democratic institutions in contemporary China. Therefore, the trends of democratic technology development in contemporary China are four points: first, the representative democratic technology has to continues to be improved and more precise; second, the participation democratic technology has to continue to be developed, such as deliberative democratic technology; third, new technologies play an increasingly prominent role in democratic politics, such as e-democracy technologies etc; fourth, it has to promote the institutional building of democratic technology, which ensures that authenticity and validity of democratic technology with the scientific design of the system.
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