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Grassroots Democracy: Institutional Innovation And The Internal Logic

Posted on:2012-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The "PRC Village Committee Organization Law (Trial Implementation)" had been promulgated at 1987,if this was beginning, the villagers self-government in China has been implemented for 24 years. As a system permitted by nation rules, the largest features of the village self-government was born in the grassroots, it has spontaneity. In the long process of practice, creative grass-roots villagers were made many systems and modes about democratic election, democratic decision-making, democratic management and democratic supervision of the Village Autonomy. This article list, analysis and summary some representative systems and modes of them.For the democratic election, the systems which to improve the nomination such as:"sea election"and" one vote " and the "combination of election system ",to solve the "two-venezuelan relations " such as: "two votes"system, "acclaimed direct"and"two recommendations and one election ";For the democratic decision-making, analysis and list some new rules and regulations, management of village affairs matters, Cadres, financial and management procedures of the democratic management;For the democratic supervision, analysis the supervision of village affairs observer, village Oversight Committee, a variety of village-level oversight bodies, makes evaluation and interpretation of bodies and Performance of democratic supervision. Concluded that the results of the practice of democracy by the work of the economic, legal and other external conditions and government, people and other internal conditions of the common. The development of village self-government system by the I nduced Changes work together with the Mandatory Changes,Village Autonomy gradually into the mature stage of development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Village Autonomy, Democratic Election, Democratic Decision-making, Democratic Management, Democratic Supervision
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