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People-oriented Thought From The Perspective Of Holistic Development

Posted on:2011-03-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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"People-oriented" as the core of the scientific development viewpoint embodies the basic principles of Marxist materialism, the basic aim of our party of serving the people wholeheartedly, and the basic purpose of our promoting economic and social development, having become guiding principle and theory for real social development and future social development of China.The paper uses the dialectical observing principle and analytical method of "holistic approach" to make research into "people-oriented", and tries to introduce it into developments of people and society. At the same time, it uses the viewpoint of time and space to put social development of human beings into the coordinate system of time and space for analysis on the holistic developments of people and society, making analysis on relations and their differences in connotations between the developing level of the people and society at different historical periods and the ultimate aims of the people. Realizing the ultimate aims of people is a long-term process of sustainable development, therefore process of research on people-oriented thought means to emphasize sustainability of the development, resulting in putting forward the concepts of holistic developments of people and society, holistic development of people-oriented thought, and holistic development of people-oriented thought. Man is aim of the development. The core of the scientific development viewpoint of people-oriented thought is to regard people as foundation, a starting point and a standpoint for all the work of our party and country, and an aim and a centre for all the developments. Then the paper uses the holistic development of people as a main line to approach and expound the subject in six parts from angles of theory and practice.1.By historically combing out the theoretical development of people-oriented thought, it analyses the role it has been playing in the historical development:namely "people" change from non-main body of the society to main body of the society; and "development" changes from one-side development to holistic one. In the social development people always appear in the form of groups, however they have different social positions at different historical stages of the society. In the history of human beings' social development, "people" change from non-main body of the society to main body, and their positions change from non-subjective positions of the society to subjective positions, which is a basic change for the aim of the social development. The development of people and society changes from one-sided development to holistic one, making social development into the track of scientific development, resulting in demonstrating that people-oriented thought is historic, practical, realistic and scientific.2. It approaches holistic characteristics of what people-oriented thought means. It analyses relations between people, nature and society forming an organic unity, people is of nature and society with consciousness and thought, resulting in forming an inseparable organic unity, demonstrating the unity of the whole. Establishing good relations between nature, society and people must rely on people's full play of the role as a main body in the real life, since people is a main body of the society and an aim for the social development, and people is in the positions of main body and aim in the organic unity. Adhering to the positions of main body and aim is to look at the world from people's viewpoints, angles and requirements, and take initiatives to reform the world from the purpose of people's self development, so as to make people demonstrate their feature of main body in the organic unity. As a main body, for realizing self development and the ultimate aims, people also must make themselves and social development sustainable, in another word, they have to not only realize their generation's objectives of struggle, but also pay attention to the long-term development of their future generations. By way of analysis on the related contents, it approaches unity of the organic whole, main body of people in the holistic and sustainability of the human and social development, resulting in putting forward the main body of people-oriented thought, and superficially defining that it's content is unity of the organic whole, main body of people and sustainability of the development.3. It approaches holistic development of people-oriented thought. Firstly, it approaches holistic development of people, which is a development situation for people in the process of realizing their ultimate aims, including both free and holistic developments of people, and sustainable development of people. Free development of people means development of people needs free time, which is not consumed by direct production and labor, but is used in recreation and rest, resulting in opening a vast world for free activities and development. Free activities is an essence of people, and only when a man freely brings his internal innovative ability into play in his activities and regards the activities as self-realization can he really owns the essence of people. Free time is an essential condition for personal holistic development. All-round development of people means all-round spiritual and physical developments of people. Spirit is internal essential strength of people, and spiritual production ability develops abilities of human beings. Owning sense, feeling and willpower at the same time is all-round development of spirit. Body of people refer to physiological quality of people, including body, technical ability and skills. Therefore people of all-round development should have qualities like healthy body, noble morality and spiritual accomplishment, broad and profound knowledge, consummate skills, and broad social intercourse ability, etc. Sustainable development of people is a prerequisite for realizing holistic and free developments of people. Marx pointed out that free and all-round development of people in the communist society is an ultimate aim of people, which is a very long social and historical process and will be gradually realized by going through accumulation of quantity of free and all-round development of people at every historical stage, and by the process from quantitative change to qualitative change. At every historical stage, level of people's all-round development cannot exceed level of the society's all-round development, and objective laws cannot be violated to be after ideal all-round development. We have to consider, seize and control development of people from angle of sustainable development of people, in another words, we should promote free and all-round development of people for realizing gradual aims with guaranteeing sustainable development of people as a prerequisite. Secondly, it approaches prerequisite and basis for holistic development of people. Holistic development of society is a prerequisite for holistic development of people, which needs all-round, coordinated and sustainable developments of society. The holistic characteristic of society is a basic feature of human society, and it is an organic unity consisting of essential factors which are interdependent and interactive. Social system is controlled by people, and aims subordinated to by functions of some social structure are unified aims of some social groups. Aims of artificial self-development regulate social development. Holistic development of people needs all-round development of society, namely, we should comprehensively promote economic, political, cultural and social constructions, and realize economic development and all-round progress of society with economic construction as a central task. Coordinated development of society will make unbalanced development of every essential factors change into balanced development, one-sided and local development of society change into holistic development, so as to guarantee the social all-round development. Sustainable development of society is a prerequisite for successive development of social history, and society will not develop and history of human beings will stand still without sustainability. Every historical stage of social development will carry on productivity, funds and environment handed down by the last historical stage, and although they will be changed by the new generation, they have beforehand stipulated living conditions and development basis for the new generation. Sustainable development of society is a prerequisite for realizing social all-round development, and development of people needs social sustainable development. Material productivity is a basis for development of human beings, and we have to establish good production relations, promote overall functions of productivity, and develop science and technology to provide solid basis for human holistic development. The holistic development of people-oriented thought is to realize synchronous holistic developments of both people and society with human holistic development as a purpose and holistic development of the society as a prerequisite and basis.4. It approaches guarantee for the practice of holistic development of people-oriented thought. Carrying forward subjectivity, intensifying subjective awareness, and promoting human subjective ability will secure forming of viewpoint concerning holistic development of people. As a ruling party, the Chinese Communist Party needs to change from a leading party to a serving party. By way of propaganda and education, the party should make all the party members more self possessed, upgrade their political consciousness to serve the people, promote comprehensive ruling ability of the party, develop the guiding role of the party at the new stage in terms of its advanced quality. The government should provide institutional guarantee for the holistic development of people-oriented thought, and only when the government changes from management government to serving government, and better help the people exercise all their rights and safeguard all their right and interests will really promote human all-round development for the government. Setting up the serving government is to enrich contents and forms of serving the people for the government, perfect methods of supervision, fully embody the party's aim of holistic-heartedly serving the people in all the work, and provide good environment for human holistic development.5. It approaches practice effects of holistic development of people-oriented thought. People-oriented thought is a guideline for concrete social practices in the fields of economy, politics, culture and society. As far as economy is concerned, we shall speed up the development of science, technology and economy, strengthen comprehensive national power, and enrich people. Regarding politics, we shall ensure that the people are the masters of the country, protect the political rights of the citizens, and really realize that the power belongs to the people. We shall build up advanced culture to promote human scientific and cultural quality, and political and moral awareness. In terms of society, we shall carry on the Chinese culture, bring humane advantages to play, strengthen human autonomy, and promote and form harmonious development between people and people, people and society, and people and nature. The effects produced in the practices of the four fields will surely promote the human holistic development.6. It approaches value implications of holistic development of people-oriented thought. People-oriented thought is an idea of scientific development and a norm of the Marxist basic value. Man is aim of social development, and human development is theoretical core of historical materialism. In the process of making a general survey of human beings' social development, along with the development of people-oriented thought, from "god-oriented" and "material-oriented" to "people-oriented", there have been two transfers realized, namely, non-subjective position has changed to subjective position, and one-sided development has changed to holistic development. The people-oriented thought has established the guiding principle for realizing human holistic development, namely, respecting people, relying on people, for people, liberating people, and shaping people, which are the starting point and destination of all the work of our party and country. As a guiding principle for the scientific development, people-oriented thought has pointed out ways of scientific development for realizing human ultimate aim. As long as we adhere to people-oriented thought and holistic development of people-oriented thought, we shall finally enter the communist society, realizing the aim of everybody's free and all-round development.
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