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A Study On The Private Early Childhood Education Development In China And Chinese Government Functional Transition Problem During The Chinese Social Transform Period

Posted on:2006-03-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360152991238Subject:Pre-primary Education
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In recent 20years, a global trend which is originated from economic field initially then has been spreaded to the other fields of human society rapidly occurred around the world. Many experts and researchers called the trend as globalizing. With the globalizing, More and more changes happened in the society of every country happened. These changes are called as social transitions.In China, 25years between the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Party Central Committee of the China communist Party, i. e. between 1978 and 2004, witness the establishment and enhancement of the reform and open-up policy and the overall transition in China. In a process starting by questioning the planned economy system to exploring the socialism market system, and then to establishing this system, millions of people creatively contribute to the solution to the historic proposition of reform.The focus of this dissertation is on private early childhood educational system in China. The private early childhood educational system sticks to principle of justice and equality and attaches great importance to the interest of the community and the identity of culture; while the market-oriented reform of the early childhood education calls for rights of the individual to choose education and the private early childhood educational organization to struggle for more development spaces. The market-oriented reforms, to some extent, reflect the re-structure of the relation structure of education; thus causes the relation of a country and education to transform into the triangle relation of country, market and education.Applying the social justice theory for the academic study on private early childhood education development with the investigation and interview teachers and parents of the early childhood educational organization(including public kindergartens and private kindergartens ) as the practice study, the dissertation explores the initial condition and constraint of the reality of private early childhood education development, which focus on the relationship between country, market and education ,that is the govenment functional transform at present and its trends in the future of the private early childhood education development.The main points of this dissertation are as follows:1. Education is influenced even decided by the social changes. Meanwhile, it is influenced by the self rule of educational development.2. Social justice theory is the key value of the social transition period in China. Itshould be regarded as standard of judging the social development.3. In the social transition period, education obtains new explanation from the wider study view.4. Equality as the key connotation of social justice theory, it has four levels meaning within early childhood education system.5. To research justice meaning of social justice theory could connect the present situation of private early childhood educational development with its ideal situation within academic study.6. During the social transition period, The foremost factor of restricting the private early childhood educational development in China is government function problem.7. For stimulating the private early childhood educational development in the future, Government and the private early childhood educational organizations should adopt some strategies respectively. The main strategies include government supporting the private early childhood educational organizations through policy and special fund, building agency institution with the corporation of government and private organization and constructing juridical person system within private organization.
Keywords/Search Tags:private early childhood education, social transition, social justice theory, government functional transition
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