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Harmonious Order And Benefit Coordination

Posted on:2007-05-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Q WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360185957988Subject:Political Theory
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The order is a basic request of social harmony. It has a foundational and profound influence on constructing the socialism harmonious society in our country. "The order" refers to the orderly social activity among people who are decided by the certain productive relations. The harmonious order is a kind of social order to realize the balance of respective benefit by effectively holding and promptly melting each kind of contradiction to enable each benefit body to compete in the orderly environment. The essence of the harmonious order is to control the conflicts in the scope of the order, to maintain productive relations and the basic interest of the ruling class. Therefore, the harmonious order is not only the natural benign development condition of the certain social ecology, but also the inevitable result of the social contradictory governance.At present, China has already started to enter into the benefit and benefit gambling time. Its society is changing profoundly. The original benefit pattern has already had the huge adjustment and the differentiation. It appears some new social classes and the daily diverse benefit demand. The social contradiction and conflict is also gradually incisive. The contradiction initiated by the economical development and benefit adjustment is the mainstream of the social contradiction. To coordinate effectively each kind of benefit contradiction becomes the primary mission to construct the harmonious order. Therefore, the party in power and the government must pay specially attention...
Keywords/Search Tags:Transition Period, Harmonious Order, Benefit Coordination, Social Contradiction
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