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The Evaluation And Development Stratey About The Competitive Ability Of Vietnamese Junior Swimmer Age From 12 To 14

Posted on:2006-07-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the development and advancement of modern sports science, the competition in international swimming events is harder than ever before. As a result, swimmer need higher physical fitness, skills, mental and psychological ability. It is necessary for swimmers to make swimming training more scientific for the demanding competition.Currently, the fitness ability and skills ability of Vietnamese swimmer are still at every low level. Therefore, it is the main concern of Vietnam swimming area that how to improve the competitive ability of Vietnamese swimmer to ensure the realization of the goa'lsurpass the competition swimming level of southeast Asia in 2010.',which needs the hard working of Vietnam swimming area. In order to explore the competition ability of Vietnamese junior swimmer more accurately and to propose the development strategy through the analysis of factors that may improve the competition ability of Vietnamese swimmer, this research regards the Vietnamese junior swimmer aging from 12 to 14 as research object, adopting several researching methods to explore the competitive ability level of Vietnamese junior swimmer aging from 12 to 14.Having measured 27 index of 93 junior swimmer aging from 12-14 and calculated the mean of those index, we compared those index with the corresponding index of junior swimmer in southeast Asia and china, as a result, we have found the index of Vietnam junior swimmer which are lower than those of southeast Asia and china. The results show that there are still a great difference in physical index between Vietnamese swimmer and their counterparts in china and other southeast country, so there is still a long way to go.In this research, we explored several factors that may influence the competition ability of Vietnamese swimmer, including the material base of swimming training, the scientific talent selection, the establishment of training program, the quality of coach, the training management, the birth place of swimmer etc, and present 10 development strategy, which were considered to be very important by 90% of 58 Vietnamese coach, management cadre, scholar and teacher.In general, we adopted several methods to evaluate the competitive ability level of Vietnamese junior swimmers and explored the factors influencing their competition ability. According to the fundamental theory of sports training, we established the corresponding development strategy, which would be a constructive reference to Vietnamese administration staff, swimming coaches, teachesr and swimmers.Conclusions:1. The low level of fundamental competition ability is the main factor that hinders the advancement of Vietnam swimming level.2. Accurate evaluation of competition ability level is the precondition of scientific training program. This paper established an index system and criterion for the Vietnamese junior swimmer aging from 12 to 14. This system expects to promote the Vietnam swimming level.4. Compared with the Chinese and Southeast Asian Swimmers of same age and gender, Vietnamese junior swimmers'technique and physical fitness levels are poor in many aspects, especially in height.There are not difference in the 50-meter time of four swimming and lies large difference in the time of 800-meter and 1500-meter free-styles between Southeast Asian Swimmers and Vietnamese.These show the aerobic endurance ability of Vietnamese swimmers should be increased urgenly.4. The principal reasons for the low level of competitive ability of Vietnam swimmer aging from 12-14 are the narrow talent selection scope, the inaccurate and unscientific selection criterion and low level of scientific training.5. In order to improve the competitive ability of Vietnamese junior swimmer aging from 12 to 14, it is necessary to establish short-term and long-term development goal and development strategy based on the current conditions of Vietnamese swimming.6. The short-term development goal of Vietnamese swimmer aging from 12 to 14 is'ameliorate the material conditions of swimming centers, promote scientific training, improve physical fitness and technique, obtain excellent achievement at every age stage swimming events in southeast Asia, rank 2nd or 3rd in 2010'. The details are following:1) From the view of talents selection, the author proposes to research the criterion further, thus raise the benefit and ratio of talents selection.2) It is necessary to enforce coach training, , adopt several methods in short term to improve the quality of coach, especially to perfect and rationalize the knowledge structure and training operation ability (To improve the quality of coach, we can organize intensive course or go abroad for studying).3) In lack of'high level'coach, it is suggested to employ high level foreign specialist, meanwhile, to make more benefit of specialist. If permitted, it is advised to select talent swimmer and send them to foreign country for training.4) Under-water sports association and sports bureau should try to create excellent material conditions. Especially in northern swimming center, it should be equipped with 25meters indoor swimming pool and other necessary equipment.7. The long-term development goal of Vietnamese swimming is'in 2020, establish a scientific, modern swimmer training system. Rank 1st or 2nd in every age stage swimming events in southeast Asia, more Vietnamese swimmer qualify to the finals of Asia and international swimming events. The details d are following:1) Try to development social swimming sport, especially primary school and middle school swimming sport, so as to present wide base for talent selection.2) According to the geographical environments and swimming traditional of Vietnam, the key development area of competitive swimming is the following city , northern part of Vietnam:Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Thai Binh, Nam Dinh; mid-part of Vietnam:Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh, Da Nang, Binh Dinh; southern part of Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, Long An, Vinh Long, Ben Tre. So it should establish national key swimming center in the above-mentioned city.3) Vietnamese organization concerning swimming sports should attach more attention to and organize specialist, experience coach to develop applied science research, so as to obtain more greater achievement in talent selection and scientific training.4) It is important for Vietnam to concentrate all of swimming specialist to organize national training committee, which is in charge of researching and establishing training program for every age stage, meanwhile it should direct swimming centers to implement this program.5) In order to promote the quality of swimming coach, national sports bureau and under-water sports association must establish'coach hierarchy system'.6) It is essential to improve the quality of sport team management. Currently, we must set up uniform scientific management goal and task, i.e. to improve the management ability of swimming coach.
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