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Bio-Mechanics Study On Women Hammer

Posted on:2008-11-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:K L HuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360275963290Subject:Human Movement Science
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China woman hammer is in front of world row,The Athletic Sports Administrative Center list it as one of the s for medal in 2008 Olympic Games,The Center continuously sign the "Key Scientific and Technological Services for China Women Hammer of the 2008 Olympic Games" for two years from 2005 to 2006.For the research of woman hammer,fore the person's foundation the top value and training combine,combine with athlete,coach member,main concentrate at following a few aspects:1, analysis and control excellent technique in the world and the our country technical difference and margin;2,pass various research methods more overall with thoroughly announce to public to toss the hammer technical sport regulation and principle;3,aim at an our country point athlete to carry on a long-term technique to follow;4,Combine the train, technique and function supervision together and carry on to the athletes comprehensive analysis,thus overall,the appearance of accurate evaluation,hold the regulation,to provide instructions before matches.Study a purpose:Build up and the perfect hammer is 3D technique analysis system;Make use of analysis system to carry on a detailed technique analysis to the our country excellent athlete;Analytical world excellent hammer the technique characteristics of the athlete,advantage in the confidence world tosses the hammer technical development direction; According to numerical hammer with 3D take the establishment dynamics, kinetics to synchronously analyze terrace;Build up comprehensive analysis system,combine together train,technique analysis and function supervision,make coach member more convenient and fast comprehensive analysis and tally up each one to train the training program of stage, train completion circumstance,stage technique performance,stage function circumstance etc.,is science train with better combine together with research to provide terrace.Study a method:Adoption in the for many times national brigade concentration training and the local farmland path the championship two dimensions,3D shoot to be like and analyze,make use of numerical hammer to enter activity mechanics to test,write analysis system by oneself. Conclusion and suggestion:1.This thesis built up hammer a 3D technique analysis system and systematized the hammer 3D data processing,parameter analysis and data analysis and calculator to turn.2.Make use of analysis system,contrast analysis and supervise and control a technique,show,attend to Zhang Wen2 original hammer technique variety the feedback has for the result exaltation of athlete to the coach member in time certain function.3.Combine together with 3D kinetics data according to the dynamics data provide by numerical hammer,the establishment kinetics,dynamics and the action technique picture synchronous of analytical terrace.4.Will train,the technique analysis and function supervision combine together and build up hammer comprehensive analysis system,can make the coach member synthesize to analyze the training program that each one trains a stage,train completion circumstance,stage technique performance,stage function circumstance etc.,is science train with better combine together with research to provide terrace.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hammer technique, analysis system, digital hammer, comprehensive analysis
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