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Comprehensive Risk Management In Commercial Bank

Posted on:2007-10-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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As the centrum of economy, risk management is the key of survival and development for commercial bank, which is decided by its industrial characters—high risk and high liability. commercial bank's risk management ability has always been an essential question for regulators and theorists, and it also has attracted the clients attention. In the emerging economy to the present stage of Chinese commercial bank, the risk management ability has been receiving suspicion, especially, the continuous fraud cases occurred in recent years also indicate the weakness of commercial bank's risk management. What are the main problems of Chinese commercial bank? How to establish integrate framework and risk management process of comprehensive risk management combining ERM and BASELⅡ? And how to implement ERM in Chinese commercial bank? The above are the questions this dissertation trying to answer.Based on uncertainty economy, using normative research method and case study, applying the latest theory, this dissertation firstly analyzes the cause of operating failure in commercial bank, so that the importance of comprehensive risk management in commercial bank can be introduced. Then this dissertation analyzes the theoretical and practice development, and comparing the latest risk management theory with Chinese commercial bank's risk management, this dissertation attempts to provide instructions for commercial bank's reform.The conclusions of this dissertation following: (1) Essentially, risk management is the management of uncertainty event, and is the application of uncertainty economics in commercial bank's risk management; (2) risk management is the biggest challenge for Chinese commercial bank to establish modern bank system, the weakness of risk management ability has restricted the development of financial industry, which also can influence the economy development; (3) establishing comprehensive risk management framework is the direction for Chinese commercial bank's development; (4) internal environment is the decisive factor that influences and restricts the establishing of comprehensive risk management framework, in which ownership structure can influence governance structure , and risk management culture is the core of comprehensive risk management; (5) any process of risk management can't be ignored; (6) providing some measures and suggestions for Chinese commercial bank's...
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