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Study On Enterprise Business Model Under Internet Environment

Posted on:2006-11-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360212982686Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce, the operation ways of enterprises become more complicated, more various and more changeable. Enterprises have to deliberate how to fully utilize Internet to form the way of operation that is most suitable and effective. Under this background, the study on"business model"is paid close attention to by the business circles and academia gradually, but still at the starting stage at present.Based on game theory, optimization theory, econometrics, the dissertation makes systematic research on business model. A framework for analyzing business model is constructed. On the basis of it, some fields of business model are studied. Those form a tight architecture of research.Firstly, the origin and the background of the conception of business model are introduced and the necessity and the meaning of studying business model are explained. The current research on business model is summarized from definitions, components, taxonomies, representation tools, changes and evaluations of business model.Then the definition and components of business model are put forward to form a basic framework that is associated with business finance. Those provide a basis for the research on the taxonomy and evaluation of business model as well as the choice of trading platform in business model. For the taxonomy of business model, the dissertation summarizes various typical taxonomies and proposes a multidimensional classification approach that is based on the components of business model. For the evaluation of business model, the dissertation builds an evaluation system that includes the evaluation of components of business model, finance and company value. And the method about how to optimize business model from the angle of pricing strategy is also studied in this part. For the choice of trading platform, the dissertation studies how to choose business-to-business trading platform according to merchandise nature and market structure. And the tactics about how the buyer-pull trading platform operated by a buyer attracts seller to participate in is investigated quantitatively using game theory.Next, the dissertation divides the planning and operation of enterprise into four layers, which are business strategy, business model, business processes, and technologies and resources. After comparing and analyzing, the position of businessmodel is established in conception layer and the relations among these layers are analyzed. Then the enterprise e-commerce strategic planning is investigated.In addition, the dissertation uses Markov-switching model to quantitatively analyze the state and the trend of the development of e-commerce industry.In the case study section, Sohu Inc. is analyzed to show that the framework of business model is applicable; an Internet service system for visa is analyzed to show that the four-layer analytical method of the planning and operation of enterprise is applicable; and the Value Nets business model of Cemex Inc is introduced and analyzed.Finally, the innovations of the dissertation are summarized and some further study directions are presented.
Keywords/Search Tags:business model, e-commerce, trading platform, business strategy, Markov-switching model, Value Nets
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