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Dynamic Opportunities For Business Growth Perspective In The Complex Environment Research

Posted on:2009-03-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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From 1990s, with the surge and wide spread of globalization and the emergence of new economy such as information economy, internet economy and knowledge economy, the environment of enterprises have changed from a simple and static environment to a complex and dynamic environment. In this situation, as an open, dynamic, nonlinear and complex system, the growth of enterprise has become uncertainty and nonlinear. How to realize lasting growth for enterprise in dynamic and complex environment, which is not only the focal point that enterprises and government have been concentrating on, but also the hot topic that the theorists have been paying close attention to.Based on the research of present literature of the theory on the enterprise growth, the enterprise and the environment relations and the opportunity management, this paper regarded the environment uncertainty, enterprise heterogeneity and bounded-rationality of organization decision-making as the theory research premises. From the angle of opportunity management, this paper took the opportunity as an important factor linking the enterprise and the environment, analyzed the environment of firm growth, researched the correlation of the environment, opportunity and enterprise's growth, and explored the headspring and procedure of the nonlinear growth of the enterprise.In order to insist combining theories with practices, this paper adopted theoretical analysis method, empirical research and case research.This paper argued that the environment was the space of firm survives and growth and its changing influenced the growth of the firm. There had different enterprise's growth mechanisms in different environments. The enterprise's growth always presents a gradual-growth in the low-uncertainty environment; on the contrary, it always presents a mutation-growth in high-uncertainty environment. The paper deemed that enterprise's growth mechanism was not a stable situation and would transform reciprocally accompanying the change of the environment.According to the research of relations between the environment and the opportunities, this paper argued that the change of the environment would influence greatly to the composing factors and the realization mechanism of the opportunity, and then affected the opportunity's distributing characteristic, mainly on the changes of the opportunity's emergent probability, available period and values.This paper thought that the enterprise's growth was a continuously process of development and grandness in some circumstance and a process of the quantity (performance) and quality (competence) of enterprise. The paper argued that it was the precondition and guarantee for enterprise's growth to gaining and sustaining competition advantage. According to the research on relations between opportunity management and competition advantage, the paper thought that opportunity management was favorable for gaining and sustaining the Chamberlain rents which based on the total cost advantage and differentiation, the Ricardian rents which based on the resource and competence, the Schumpeterian rents which based on the knowledge and innovation. In another word, the recognizing and using of opportunity would promote the growth of enterprise.Because of the differentiation of opportunities management of different enterprises, the paper also discussed the factors that could influence the enterprises' opportunities management. This paper thought that the differentiation of opportunities management mainly rooted in the ability to opportunity management and the response mechanism of the enterprises. The ability to opportunity management is an ability that can recognize, evaluate, use and build the opportunities, mainly include entrepreneur ability, learning ability and innovating ability. The response mechanism is a mechanism that can sustain and guarantee the success of the opportunity management process, mainly include flexibility mechanism and integration mechanism.According to the research on the environment, opportunities and enterprise's growth, this paper put forward an analyzing framework named "environment-opportunity-growth". The paper argued, environment changes bring opportunity, and opportunities promote growth. The growth of enterprise could be differentiated two ways: a gradual-growth and a mutation-growth. The enterprise that regarded as a combo of resource and competence evolved in the changing environment. When the changes of the environment were small and the uncertainty was low, the enterprise grew depending on the strength or core competence. Because of the long-term accumulation and stability of the strength or core competence, the way of growth was continuous and incremental, so it called gradual -growth. On the contrary, when the changes of the environment were great and the uncertainty was high the enterprise grew depending on the opportunity. Because of the coupling, disequilibrium, inequality and instability of the opportunity, the way of growth was discontinuous and radical, so it called mutation-growth. The enterprise evolved continuously under the two ways' action and realizes growth.In order to validate the hypothesis, besides the theoretical analysis, this paper also researched with the way of questionnaire investigation and case research, the theoretical analysis result of the thesis is testified and sustained. Finally, based on the result of empirical research and theoretical analysis, combining with the fact of China enterprises, this paper put forward some opportunity management suggestions on how to fasten the growth of the enterprise by using the environment changes.
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