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The Research On Supply Of The Urban Public Goods Under The Change Of Fiscal Decentralization System

Posted on:2014-01-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1229330401454279Subject:Economic history
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The Report of The18th National Congress of CPC point out that we must fully seize the opportunity to achieve the grand goal of a comprehensive well-off society in2020. Obviously improve the quality of urbanization is one of the important content, and urban public products supply conditions directly affect the quality of urbanization. At the same time, with the gradual advancing of China’s fiscal decentralization, local government become a subject which has the relative independent benefit, and the city government, the city finance are the important influence factors on the supply of urban public goods. Based on the view of fiscal decentralization, the paper research on the influence of fiscal decentralization system on urban public products supply following the course of history and then it gives the empirical analysis.On this basis, drawing lessons from international experience this paper put forward policy suggestions on the construction of urban public goods supply mechanism. This will be beneficial to the further deepening of reform of economic system, to the development of urban economy and to the realization of well-off society.
Keywords/Search Tags:fiscal decentralization, local government, urban public products
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