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Globalization And Construction Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2014-12-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Globalization is inextricably linked with the birth, development and the strategic road of Marxist political parties. From the middle of18th century to the end of19th, the steam technology revolution led to the development of social productivity, the progress of scientific technology and the leap of economy, this tendency of globalization gave birth to scientific socialism and Marxist Party. From the end of19th to the middle of20th, the tendency of globalization triggered by electric technology revolution accelerated the speed of development of Marxist Party and its proletarian socialist revolution. Since1970s, electric information technology revolution brought about a globalization of developing to depth, this tendency exerted different influences and consequences on Communist Party in Soviet Union and Eastern European countries as well as China. As a result, the Communist Party in Soviet Union put an end to socialist career under globalization, whereas China has paved a way for Socialism with Chinese characteristics under the policy of reform and opening-up and the participation in globalization.The former president Jiangzemin once said:" With times evolving and situation changing, our Party should strengthen its political position and follow the world’s forward trend in order to tackle the problems involved." The18th National Congress of the C PC went further:" the further development of situation and the start of our career together with people’s expectation require us to promote the construction of our Party with innovation, to improve scientific construction of the Party." It can be summed up that strengthening the construction of our Party with the spirit of innovation has become an inevitable requirement currently. Therefore, under the background of globalization, to sort out and make a study about the achievements and failures of the governance and self-construction is meaningful both in theory and practice.This dissertation makes a comprehensive reorganization about the western countries Party Construction both in theory and practice under the background of globalization and the Soviet Union and Eastern European socialist countries political construction both in experiences and lessons in line with the principle of combining theory with practice, history with logic by means of economic analysis, historic analysis and literature analysis as well as interdisciplinary analysis. It also discusses the historical opportunity and challenge with Chinese Communist Party Construction, its inscape and main idea together with the choice of the method in multiple perspectives in order to constitute a framework of globalization and Chinese Communist Party Construction informatively and with a complete system in hope to provide some beneficial enlightenment and counter-measures for bettering the Party Construction scientifically and enhance the governing of the country and then the rejuvenation of Chinese naturally follows.This dissertation consists of the following chapters:Starting from the definition of globalization and its basic connotation and manifestation, the1st chapter elaborates that strengthening the Party Construction is the globalizing trend’s requirement from five perspectives such as socialist market economy, socialist democratic politics, advanced socialist culture, socialist harmonious society and foreign relations. The next chapter reorganizes the western country’s political construction both in theory and practice from the five perspectives as social foundation, organization energy, ideology, public image and the ability to respond to media challenge. The third chapter introduces Soviet Union and Eastern European Parties’ Socialist Construction experiences and lessons from such perspectives as technology revolution, relation of the Party and the Masses, economic construction, political system and social integration. Chapter4to8discuss the connotation and magnificence of some concepts, the dilemma and challenge the Party meets under the background of globalization, the main idea and methods of the Party’s thought construction, organization construction, work style construction, system construction, and the construction of anti-corruption respectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Globalization, Chinese Communist Party, Thought construction, Organizationconstruction, Work style construction, System construction, The construction of anti-corruptionrespectively
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