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A Study Of Chen Duxiu 's Thought Of Early Party Building (1921 ~ 1927)

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Chen Duxiu, the pioneer of Chinese communist movement with his far-reaching influence in the modern history of China, was the top leader of the Communist Party during the First National Congress of CPC to the Fifth National Congress of CPC, for his participation in the establishment of CPC and so selected as the general secretary of the CPC. As the leader of the early times of CPC, he devoted himself to exploring the new way of creating the CPC and he also put forward a series of constructive idea on the establishment. His ideas on establishment of CPC truthfully recorded the main social contradictions and the changes in the complicated class relationship in modern China, and the Party members’painstaking process of exploring the Way of Chinese Revolution. To analysis and study Chen’s political ideas is of great importance in the analysis and study of the history of the political thoughts in Modern China, and the forepart phylogeny of the Party’s thoughts.This paper outlines Chen’s ideology of CPC’s construction from the year of 1921 to that of 1927, including the main contents, characteristics, theory contribution and realistic enlightenment, and points out the limitation of cognition of Chen’s ideology of CPC’s construction, hope to enlighten the nowadays CPC’s construction. This paper includes introduction, main body and conclusion.The first part is introduction, this part not only analysis and interprets the reason for the selection of this topic, the study condition and meaning on Chen’s minding on construction of CPC, but also introduces the way and idea of the studyThe second part is the main body, including chapter 2 to 5Chapter 2:the basic foundation of Chen’s idea on construction of CPC. The social condition of the foundation of Chen’s idea on construction of CPC is discussed in this chapter. As a young political party, CPC needed to deal with the problems about developed trend of the complex revolution at the beginning of the foundation, and thought how to construct during the revolution development and which kind of party the CPC should be. Then the theoretical original of Chen’s idea is introduced, Chen laid emphasis on learning western advanced theoretical result and the effected foreign experience which had been proved during the foundation of CPC. Chen’s idea absorbed the Maxim theory, lessoned the experience of the Bolshevik party in power, and accepted the democratic in western parties criticallyChapter 3:the main content of Chen’s idea on Party construction, which included political construction, ideological construction, organization construction and style construction, with the introduction on the thoughts of Party construction such as Party nature, principles guiding Party, Party’s organizational principles and Party platform. Chen presented his view on Party construction from the points of political, thought, organization and style of Party, and what he supposed is that CPC should be the proletariat Party under the guidance of Marxism, with the system of democracy and centralization, and work actively and carefully.Chapter 4:the shortage of Chen’s idea on Party construction. First of all, the characteristic of the Chen’s idea is discussed, and Chen’s idea was the product of the social environment and revolution development, which was suitable to the condition and with time’s feature. And the characteristic that with the feature of reality and faced the Chinese social problems with the task of anti-imperialism and anti-feudalism was obvious. Chen also had an antinomy understand on the issue of the working class and the rural residents. Next, Chen’s theory contribution to CPC construction was introduced. Chen made great contribution to promoting the development of CPC on the theory of CPC construction. Before and after the construction of CPC, Chen had a heated debate with the group of socialism and anarchy with non-Marxism to promote Marxism, by controversy the level of the Marxist theory and the mastery of theory were improved, to a certain extent the party’s ideological purity was guaranteed; After the communist group was established in Shanghai in 1920, Chen actively instructed to establish party organizations, join the party, develop party members, Chen not only strengthened the party but also promoted the development of the party organization. Meanwhile, Chen was deep with masses of workers and peasants, led labor movement, formed a union, and guided the development of the movement of workers and peasants; in the complex situation of Kuomintang and CPC, Chen explored the way of independence, and defended the party’s independent status. Although Chen thought of party construction has a history contribution that can’t be ignored, there was theoretical limit in his early founding thought, Chen had a bias understand on peasant class, labor class and capitalist class and Chen also had a vague cognition on the leadership of Kuomintang-Chinese communist cooperation and the issue of the future of revolution.Chapter 5:the enlightenment of Chen’s early thought of CPC construction. Based on the station of Chen’s early thought of CPC construction, the theoretical connotation in Chen’s thought of CPC construction is analysis and historical experience is summed up, The party’s construction in the future need to pay more attention to the democratic development, and new measures for the construction of inner-party democracy should be actively explored. As well as to carry out the public opinion propaganda work, and to spread and improve information transparency; In the process of the Sinicism of Marxism, the construction of the party members themselves should be attached great importance to improve party members’theoretical level and mastery of theory.The third part is conclusion. It gives a brief summary of the study of this paper. By review the history of CPC construction, we should be objective to look on Chen’s early founding of the thought, no matter the right or the wrong ideas in the founding theory, they were all have influence that can’t be ignored in the party’s construction and development, thus, we should comprehensively and objectively study the early history of CPC construction in that timeWhat’s more, what need to point out is that Chen’s early founding idea has the significance place in the history of CPC and Chinese thinking history, His early founding thought is an important proposition in modern history, Chen’s thought of party construction theory connotation with important historical significance is rich, it provides an important historical material for us to study the party’s early history and explore the early CPC construction work, so the study of this thesis is particularly important. However, Chen’s early founding thought hasn’t been get the full attention by academia. And the founding of the thought is ignored for a long time, the research fruit is relatively small, the research basis is relatively weak, the degree of attention from the academic needs to be improved. Thus, this paper attempts to analyze the specific station on CPC construction during the period from 1921 to 1927 to summarize the main content of his building thought and outline his general situation of his building thought. With the study that stated above, the author hopes to make a compliment research of Chen’s building thought.
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