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Choose Europe?

Posted on:2018-06-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1316330536456703Subject:International relations
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The dissertation is trying to systemize the changing attitude stance to Europe of SNP,and to find out the influences working behind this process.The changing attitude stance to Europe of SNP has five periods and three changes.The first changing happened in the period from the founding of SNP to 1970s,the attitude to European Integration shifted from support to hostility.The second changing is from 1980s to the devolution of Scotland,SNP went back to Pro-Europeanism and take the "Independence in Europe" policy.The third is after 1999,SNP got the executive power in Scotland,the attitude towards Europe went to pragmatic.After the two referendums,its stance got cemented.SNP plays important roles in the construction of Scottish identity,it must enhance the Scottish identity and lower the British Identity in order to achieve independence,European Identity becomes a tool for this purpose.During these changing process,the main factors including the policy orientation of SNP itself,the domestic political process of Britain and the development of European integration.The place of SNP in Scotland and its policy orientation constitute the basement of the attitude stance towards Europe,and the British domestic politics and European Integration were understood differently in disparate context,the different understandings shape the changing attitude stance to Europe in every period.The SNP and similar European Ethnic Minority Parties have adopted the pro-European attitude,which reflects the the inner contradiction between Integration and local Identities especially for Separatistm.This is a real challenge for the deepening and development of European Integration.
Keywords/Search Tags:SNP, European Identity, Independence in Europe, Ethnic Minority Parties, Separatism
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