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Research On Moral Constructing Of Honest Governance For Leading Cadres In Contemporary China

Posted on:2018-07-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q F ShuaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1316330539485923Subject:Ideological and political education
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Since the reform and opening up,China’s economic and social development has made great achievements in the world,which is the result of the Party leading the people to innovate and struggle.Of course,it condensed a large number of high-quality leading cadres of the effort and sweat.However,in this particular group,there are a few leading cadres due to corruption problems severely punished.Judging from the facts of their violation of discipline,a very distinctive feature is the emergence of a serious flaw in their honesty and morality.It bring serious harms to the country,society and family and individuals.Consequently,since the 18 th National Congress of the CPC,the Party Central Committee with the core of Xi Jinping has insisted that the party should take control of the party and strictly control the party’s strategic policy,with particular emphasis on strengthening the ideological and moral construction of leading cadres,and strive to cultivate their integrity of the quality in politics,the right to use,self-cultivation,family.In this context,the study of our leading cadres of integrity ethics construction is on the right time.This paper uses the methods of literature research,comparative research,case research to lead cadres in the construction of honesty and benevolence as the object of study,the main purpose is to explore the leading cadres to improve the level of honesty and morality.Although after the reform and opening up,China has made some remarkable achievements in promoting the work of leading cadres and benevolent morality.But the backward ideological and cultural erosion,inadequate construction of honest and moral system,honest and poor moral supervision and poor self-cultivation is not enough,etc.those are still important reasons for the anger of moral integrity among leading cadres,but also,to a certain extent,they have been influenced and constrained the process of cadre ’s integrity ethics construction.To this end,this article through a brief combing our ancient and western aspects of the ideological and political origin of the moral,and on the basis of Marx,Engels,Lenin and Mao Zedong,Deng Xiaoping,Jiang Zemin,Hu Jintao,Xi Jinping as the main representative of the Chinese Communist Party integrity of the ideological and theoretical,reference to foreign countries such as the United States,Finland,Britain,Singapore,Vietnam practice,and then put forward our contemporary leading cadres of integrity ethics construction approach.By strengthening education,improving the system,strengthening supervision,playing the cultural function of integrity ethics,constructing the system of evaluation,they have been "five in one" mode of operation,also rely on each other,and strive to build a more complete leadership cadre integrity and moral construction system.In short,this paper studies the leading cadres’ integrity ethics construction through theoretical and practical,internal and external factors,macro and micro and so on,so as to better explore the belief construction,system construction and social and cultural construction of leading cadres.In the ideological and moral construction for the citizens to provide a new perspective,so as to further enrich the ideological and moral aspects of the theoretical research and practice path.
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