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On Treating Administrative Ethics Anomies Of Chinese Government Grassroots Leading Cadres

Posted on:2018-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As special professional groups in civil servants,leading cadres are organizers and executors of government administrative affairs.Government junior civil servants lie in the bottom of administrative system and contact with the public directly.Their daily acts and words not only determine the social benefits of administrative action,but also are related to the establishment of the image of the government in the eyes of the public.Since reform and opening up,the infiltration of traditional concept,the troubles of social reality as well as the impact of various western values have caused the phenomenon—it is difficult to prohibit the administrative ethics anomies of grassroots servants.And corruption cases occur frequently.The Chinese junior civil servants as the most basic link of public service in our country are the bridge between the authorities and the public for communication.Therefore,it is very significant to enhance the administrative conduct of executives.Thus,it is of theoretical and practical significance to explore the problems of administrative ethics’ anomies and treating under the new situation in China.It is not only related to the enhancement of the national administrative efficiency,but also is related to the realization of the national governance system and the modernization of the governance capability.Combining with the laws and regulations that have been issued in China,this thesis analyzes and expounds the basic concepts and features of government junior civil servants from the perspective of administrative ethics.The author applies relevant theories to summarize typical cases of the administrative ethics’ anomies,especially the government junior civil servants’ anomies in social life and administrative system.Then the author pay more attention to the role conflicts,administrative inaction and corruptions including rights and obligations among the role of individual,public organization,family life as well as opposition between collective interests of government and the public responsibility of executives.Based on those,the author analyzes the external causes of the administrative ethics of the government junior civil servants from the aspects of historical and cultural environment,local economic developmental level,administrative system and supervision mechanism.The author further analyzes the internal causes of administrative ethics anomies from the moral quality,professional quality and value orientation of the government junior civil servants.Finally,the author puts forward the countermeasures of external controland internal statute of government junior civil servants based on previous analysis,that is to say,it aims to perfect the construction of administrative external environment and to strengthen the moral consciousness of government junior civil servants.The external control is mainly to strengthen the institutionalization of administrative ethics system and to improve the legal system of administrative ethics as well as to establish a scientific assessment mechanism.While the internal stipulation focuses on the improvement of moral self-discipline,the enhancement of public service awareness and sense of responsibility of government junior civil servants.Meanwhile,government cultivates professional ethics of government junior civil servants and strengthens education of core socialist values.
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