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Rural Elite Governance Research

Posted on:2014-08-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Since China carried out the villagersí self-governance system,the village governance democratization level promotes a lot.But there are still quite a number of areas in which the village governance is led by rural elite,at the same time the ordinary villagersíparticipation is low.And this embodied the widespread rural elite governance phenomenon.The implementation of villagersí self-governance system requires the villages move into a specific autonomous form:firstly,towns government does not directly involved in the village governance,but the village deals with internal affairs independently;Secondly,the villagers especially the ordinary villagers can fully participate in village governance,and realize their democratic rights.At present a number of villages have been able to deal with internal affairs independently without too much town government intervention,but village governance is not led by vast villagers,many times it is led by the rural elites.The implementation of villagers self-governance system aimed at promoting the rural grassroots democracy construction,and extremely emphasizing the equality of individual,full participation and so on,but under this background rural elite governance is still produced.How to explain,view and improve this phenomenon?This deserves our deeply thinking.Historically,China is a big country relying on agriculture,the condition of village governance is directly related to the villagersí life and fate,and is also relates to the countryís governance and development.The study of rural elite governance can provide us a theoretical reference for better development of villager self-governance,furthermore it improves the level of village governance.At the same time it can expand the academic vision of rural elite research,elite governance research,therefore it is very meaningful in both practical and theoretical area.The form of village self-governance is an important perspective to understand the rural elite governance.We can abstract out the concept of governance form from some typical governance phenomenon,and they can be divided into three types---control type,autonomous type and compound governance type.Autonomous form is a kind of specific governance form.In modern society,the form of self-governance emphasizes on the level of autonomous governance,on one hand it against the totalitarian and oppression,and against one dimensional operation of power,on the other hand it claims decentralization,and it pays attention to participation,with very strong democratic color.Under the background of villagersí self-governance system,the village presented a differentautonomous form throughout history stages,so the rural elite governance is a kind of elite political phenomenon that happened at the present village self-governance form.There is close correlation between the village self-governance form and the elite governance.First one is the village self-governance form acts as a happens space for rural elite governance;the second one is the cause of rural elite governance in different self-governance form is different;the third one is value connotation of autonomous form related closely with the effect analysis of elite governance;the fourth one is the nature of elite governance phenomenon in different self-governance form is different.Then a basic analytical framework for our country rural elite governance research is refined out---Based on the particular perspective of village self-governance form,the research is focusing on the specific research object elite governance.Through analysis the history rheological,realistic picture,internal mechanism and the map,it determines the cause,effect and properties of this phenomenon.Then the improvement suggestion is put forward.Rural elite governance has existed throughout history.In the traditional society,the country governance managed rural society indirectly through the squire class,and the country society was showing autonomous characteristics.This period of rural self-governance is squire self-governance essentially,rather than the village self-governance in modern sense.In late Qing dynasty,traditional rural elite erosion,and disintegration were in process.And the power of the local tyrants and evil gentry was stepping in.Many factors led to the bankruptcy of national implementation of local self-governance,and also led to the decline of the traditional rural autonomous.During the peopleís commune period,the traditional form of all kinds of rural elite was beaten down,and it was replaced with the commune cadres and brigade cadres,then the village self-governance form completely disappeared.During township government of village period,with the implementation of the villagersí self-governance system,the village social self-governance form had recovered.Rural elites mastered the village public power through practicing.On the other hand the power of ordinary villagers was weak.Thus the rural elite governance phenomenon was forming.The introduction of elite governance phenomenon in different periods let us realize that the current stage of the rural elite governance has a certain historical foundations.Meanwhile,the present of different rural elite governance and village self-governance form make us understand the relationship between them,and make us realize the difference of rural elite governance phenomenon in different village self-govemance forms.At present the happening situation of rural elite governance can be investigated from the political aspect,economic aspect and cultural aspect.The political aspect embodied that the authority of village managerial is given from administrative and social given fusion.The economic situation embodied that the "invisible hand" of market system intervene into the village field.The cultural situation embodied that the digestion and imply of rural society local knowledge.As a kind of elite governance phenomenon,rural elite governance is a kind of phenomenon that democratization degree is not high,which reflect in the process of village election,decision-making and governance is filled with elite authority color.Rural elite plays a great role in the village party branch and village committee election.Rural elites affect the outcome of the election through the control of mobilization,thus formed the "potential embarrassment" behind the public election.The decision and governance right of villagersí alienation for elites,the villagersí governance main body role be replaced.The related national system is suspension up,village supervision are many in melt state.Based on the different characteristics,the country elite governance can be divided into two types of normal and pathological.Normal rural elite governance has the centralization of power,interest exchange features,pathological rural elite governance has the power of alienation,interest alignment characteristics.The village self-governance is an important space for the rural elite governance.The mechanism analysis of the phenomenon should be closely around the village self-governance form.The framework of Cui Zhi yuan made us find that the implementation of the villagersí self-governance system promoted the village governance democratization,but also provides space for the formation of the rural elite governance.The system,orientation,reality and ought form the content of village self-governance form,and the connotation of the village self-governance form can be summarized with governance theory.The "selective governance" strategy of towns,the interests seeking of the rural elite,ordinary villagersí fragmentized characteristics make rural elite governance has a certain inevitability.After a comparative analysis of the connotation,think that normal rural elite governance Compatible with autonomous form,pathological rural elite governance repellent with autonomous form.The relationship between the rural elite governance and autonomous form is in close relationship,conflict relationship and tension relationship.Normal rural elite governance play a positive role,pathological rural elite governance has certain negative influence.So far,the cause,effect and nature of the rural elite governance are basically clear.Through investigation,found that the election of D village is led by village elites.The mechanism of democracy is in melt state during the process of decision-making,governance and supervision.The village has been formed elite governance mode,democratization degree is not high,but at the same time also found that the rural elite also play a more prominent role,make the village governance won the basic good effectiveness.It embodied in that the village government can get effective treatment,the village public service supply good,the village can maintain the stable order.Selective treatment of township,elits driven by interests,individual strength weak become the important reason for the formation of the phenomenon.After the comparison with typical characteristics of the two types of rural elite governance,find D village elite governance exist the centralization of power,interest exchange characteristics,and at the same time,there are also slight power alienation,interest alliance,as a sign,with the risk of variation.In general,the D village elite governance can delimit into the normal country,but the risks also should be alert.The pathological rural elite governance shall be criticized,for its retardation to village democracy governance growth.The second is that this phenomenon reflects the value orientation which human against.Introspection to normal rural elite governance consists of two parts,one is to accept it,second is to evaluate it.The reason to accept it is that the formation of this phenomenon has its objective and reasonable side no matter from the angle of history or the angle of realistic or development point of view.Two reasons to consider about and to introspect on this phenomenon,one is even normal rural elite governance also has a certain variation risk,another is that group of quality and governance level,degree of democratization also has certain promotion space.Rural elite which is dominated by authoritative governance need to rural elite guided by the participative governance transformation.Rural elite governance optimizing process is the process to adjust the tension relationship between the rural elite governance and village self-governance.Participative governance model path includes three aspects,one is the rural elite and governance optimization,and the second is ordinary villagersí group participation mechanism and the reconstruction,three is the villages and towns government regulation and guidance mechanism of reconstruction.The main research conclusions of this paper have six points:First,there are different village self-governance forms or governance form in the history of our country,form the happen space of country elite governance.Second,rural elite governance has a certain historical foundations.Third,according to the characteristics of the different,the country elite governance can be divided into normal and pathological type,pathological rural elite governance is variation form of normal rural elite treatment.Fourth,although conflict exists between normal elite governance and villagers,self-governance form,this phenomenon has certain practical rationality.Fifth,normal rural elite governance have a positive role for village governance,pathological rural elite governance have a negative effect for village governance.the relationship between the rural elite governance and autonomous form is in close relationship,conflict relationship and tension relationship.Sixth,the pathological rural elite governance shall be criticized,the normal rural elite governance shall be reflected.Normal rural elite governance is a authoritative governance dominated by rural elite,it is urgent to transit to a participative governance transition guided by the rural elites.Furthermore,the deep discussion has been made about the following topics---the"static" and "dynamic" of rural elite governance,the "value coordination" in the village self-governance form evolution,and the "elite" and "popular" in the social power structure.
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