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The Impact Of Regional Security Integration And Economic Cooperationin Southern Africa

Posted on:2019-04-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:LAONE PEARL SELALAFull Text:PDF
GTID:1366330542999553Subject:International politics
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This thesis examines the impact of Security integration and Economic development cooperation efforts undertaken by the Southern African Development Community(SADC),which was established on August 17,1992 by fifteen states of the Southern Africa region.While economic development and cooperation remain a fundamental goal of the organization,the community in recent years has decided to embark on the establishment of the regional peace and security structure to sustain peace in the region.The analysis of the relations between security and economic integration is a main focus of this thesis.Economic cooperation has been given a special attention by the SADC,as it was very early recognized by the community that economic integration amongst each other is very important.This was mainly to create easy trade agreement and tariffs amongst community members.Meanwhile,the region was overlooking at the concept of peace and security in the region which constitute necessity to establish conductive environment for sustainable socio-economic development.However,not infrequently the SADC comes under criticism as unable and unwilling to pursue its goal pertaining security in meaningful and effective manner.Analysis and reassessment of the security integration and economic development and cooperation reached by the SADC community,as well as its effectiveness in fostering peace,security and economic cooperation are in the center of this research.The main aim of this thesis is to determine the impact of security integration and economic cooperation in SADC,its achievements and challenges in providing stable economic cooperation without overlooking the peace and security in the region.The theoretical foundation of the research is derived from two international relations theories by works of Ernst Haas' s neo-functionalism and Stanley Hoffman' s intergovernmentalism.Neo-functionalism is used to explicit and explain growing economic interdependence between nations.On the other hand intergovenmentalism explains the states behaviors and the national government as the primary factor of international relations.Both theories will explain the impact and relations between security and economic integration in regions particularly SADC as a case study.Further,changing paradigms on security and economic development are discussed as a point of reference to the SADC' s undertakings.The study gives an insight on the institutional structure of the SADC and also provides a historical background of the organization.Finally the thesis will clarify its institutional structure;while examining the community' s response to the ongoing economic instability,conflicts and crises in the region.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional economic integration, Southern African Development Community, Security integration, free trade agreement, trade creation, Regional Economic Community, African Economic Communities, and African Union, Neo Functionalism
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