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The Acceptance Of South Sudan To Join East Africa Community

Posted on:2019-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:STEPHEN ENOSA GAMA YOANIFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330542986529Subject:International relations
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The study conducted a comparative analysis of South Sudan and the East African Community(EAC)economic integration draws some lessons for South Sudan.This study focused to explore the principal research problem of How South Sudan with specific reference gets admitted to East African regional block.South Sudan joined the East African Community(EAC)on March 2,2016.Breaking free from forty years of political instability,South Sudan is now part of the Community along with five of its neighbour countries.To integrate into the EAC will bring about important changes for the country politically,socially,economically.South Sudan is now ready to weigh in the global value chain and the integration into the EAC is the first critical step.Accession of South Sudan to the East African Community was received with mixed reactions by South Sudanese;with some describing it as a long overdue decision while others,in a rather extreme stance,describing it as an economic subjugation by the EAC to open up tunnels to divert their meagre dollar to Nairobi,Kampala,among others.Ironically,citizens of EAC member states received the news with the mixed reaction as well with some citing economic benefit of the increased market size and a new market in South Sudan while others question the criteria used to admit South Sudan given the violation of human rights and the political instability.Some fear that the EAC may become a haven for dictators within the region,considering the current happening in Burundi,Uganda,and South Sudan.However,the writer believes that there are both advantages and disadvantage to this effects which are discussed below.
Keywords/Search Tags:South Sudan, East African Community, regional integration, trade, Economic, Political
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