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Research On Curriculum Design Of Outcome-based Education In Practicum Of Early Childhood Education

Posted on:2020-01-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1367330620452321Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Outcome-based education is a kind of educational concept oriented by students' learning outcomes.It holds that the goal of curriculum design and implementation is the final learning achievement of students through the education process.It is one of the core concepts of teacher professional certification.It is an important ideological tool to improve the quality of teacher training.Under the background of teacher education professional certification,outcome-based education has put forward new requirements for teaching practice courses in teacher education colleges and universities.It is necessary for colleges and universities to examine the problems existing in the current education practice courses,construct the expected learning outcome of educational practice courses guided by the concept of outcome-based education,reverse-design the objectives,contents,implementation and evaluation of educational practice courses aimed to optimize and innovate educational practice courses,so as to improve the quality of educational practice courses.Literature,text analysis and interviews were adopted to systematically sort out relevant literature and analyze text materials such as educational internship programs and educational internship manuals of 10 sample universities.In addition,in-depth interviews were conducted with internship guidance teachers,education internship managers,principal interns,etc.,and in-depth analysis was made of the current situation and causes of preschool education professional education internship courses from the perspective of curriculum theory.Meanwhile,taking outcome-based as the breakthrough point,this paper reflects on and reconstructs the undergraduate preschool education professional education internship courses,and responds to the concept of teacher education professional certification from the level of practical courses.What ability should and can be cultivated during the internship?Three rounds of expert consultation will be conducted to further confirm the learning achievements of undergraduate preschool education professional education internship courses(core competence and competence indicators).Based on this,the objective,content,implementation and evaluation of educational practice courses are reversely designed.The study is divided into nine chapters.The introduction focuses on the origin of the research.It mainly explains the research background,research status,research questions,research significance,important concepts and so on.The thesis of this study is the design of educational practice course for preschool education majors in universities.Using Spady's outcome-based education as the theoretical guidance of this study,this paper tries to construct the theoretical system of internship curriculum based on outcome-based from the aspects of objective,content,implementation and evaluation from the perspective of curriculum theory.The first chapter is the research design and implementation,mainly elaborated the research idea and the method,the research scope and the limitation.In this chapter,the core content and main methods of this research are designed as a whole,and the research scope and research limitations are explained.Chapter 2 to chapter 3 is the basic research.The present situation and outcome-based education theory of preschool education specialty in universities are analyzed.through the two dimensions of the practical analysis and theoretical interpretation.Outcome-base is put forward as the value choice of undergraduate preschool education specialty education practice curriculum design.Chapter four to chapter eight is the core research content.Based on preschool education undergraduate professional education practice course learning outcomes,in combination with the current early childhood education professional education practice curriculum development present situation and problems,from the construction of education practice curriculum goal,curriculum content of reconstruction,in line with the direction of the curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation and the optimization of curriculum evaluation are discussed respectively in terms of the basic ideas of its design,specific operational steps and typical cases for reference.In chapter four,through expert consultation and interviews,and referring to the Professional Standards for Kindergarten Teachers,the dimensions and specific connotations of learning outcomes of education practice courses are determined.The fifth chapter is the research on the construction of the goal of outcome-based education practice curriculum,and explains the design ideas and principles of the goal construction.On this basis,B1 school is taken as an example to construct its educational practice curriculum goal.In chapter 6,according to the learning outcome of educational practice course(core competence),the practical outcome-based educational practice course content is constructed.Chapter seven,starting from the implementation of outcome-based education practice curriculum,discusses the principles,conditions(supporting measures)and steps of the implementation of outcome-based education practice curriculum.Chapter 8 clarifies the design ideas and evaluation principles of outcome-based education practice curriculum evaluation,and constructs the outcome-based education practice curriculum evaluation system.Chapter 9 is the research conclusion and reflection.Based on the description and analysis of previous chapters,it summarizes the main conclusions of basic research and core research,and reflects on the existing problems and deficiencies of this research,as well as the problems that need to be further studied.
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