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Research On Fiscal Policy Affecting Industrial Upgrading In China

Posted on:2020-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The 30 years since reform and opening up,China's economic growth remain more than 9.5% of the annual height growth,and overtaking Japan in 2010,the economic aggregate ranking second in the world,created the "China miracle".However,since the beginning of 2012,the growth rate of China's economy has declined to a certain extent,especially the deep contradiction in the industrial structure in the economic development.From the perspective of the international environment,the global economic pattern is deeply adjusted,and the industry competition is extremely fierce.After the outbreak of the international financial crisis,the developed countries have put forward the strategy of "industrialization",try to improve manufacturing on new technology platform and the development of new industries,and continues with the core technology and professional service control of global value chain link,to improve the level of industry in our country,the development of advanced manufacturing formation pressure.From the domestic link,still serious structural problems in the economy,high input,high consumption,high emission of extensive development pattern is no fundamental change,production elements such as labor,land,housing prices continue to rise,energy resources and ecological environment increasingly strengthen constraints,to optimize the industrial organization to form the reversed transmission mechanism.China's economy has shifted from a high growth stage to a high quality stage,and a modern economic system is to be built,the party's report said.Thus,optimize the industrial structure and enhance the level of industry is to accelerate the fundamental way out for the pattern of economic development,through fiscal policy affect the industrial upgrading has become the inevitable choice of transformation of the mode of economy under the new normal.Under the macro background,to re-examine the role of fiscal policy in industrial upgrading,the government in the industrial upgrading clearly positioning,and study how to optimize the fiscal and taxation policy tools to improve the speed of the industrial upgrading,and how to solve the use of fiscal and taxation policies to promote industrial upgrading of the existing problems in the process of is the key point of this study.For this reason,this paper first from the problems of China's fiscal policy affect the industrial upgrading,the research background and research significance of the article,determine the description statistics and econometric methods as the main research methods,sort out the main innovation and shortage,the tone for the whole thesis.Then,the related researches at home and abroad are reviewed,and the literature on the impact of fiscal decentralization,fiscal expenditure and tax structure on industrial upgrading is reviewed.In comprehensive review and review the domestic and foreign the fiscal and taxation policy and industrial structure upgrading,on the basis of related literature,in this paper the mechanism of the fiscal and taxation policies affect industrial upgrading theory analysis,reveals the fiscal and taxation policy impact on industrial structure upgrade path and mechanism.Based on endogenous economic growth theory,the structure of the new economic theory and the theory of industrial structure upgrade and other basic theory expounded the necessity of fiscal policy on industrial upgrading,and as the cornerstone of the whole paper.Based on the analysis of fiscal policy affect the current situation of industrial upgrading in China at the present stage,this article combed the fiscal policy change in China since reform and opening up and the process of industrial structure adjustment,fiscal policy and tax policy after two specific to promote industrial upgrading in China is expounded the current situation of fiscal policy.Secondly,this paper empirically tests the policy effects of fiscal and taxation policies on promoting the upgrading of industrial structure from the three dimensions of total fiscal revenue and expenditure,fiscal decentralization and tax structure.The empirical results of the scale of fiscal revenue and expenditure show that,from the national level,the total fiscal expenditure and total tax revenue have a significant role in promoting the upgrading of China's industrial structure.At the regional level,the eastern region is consistent with the whole country,while the central and western regions' total fiscal expenditure has a significant inhibitory effect on industrial structure upgrading,and the total fiscal revenue has a significant promoting effect on industrial structure adjustment.The empirical results of fiscal decentralization show that,from the national level,fiscal decentralization plays a significant role in promoting the upgrading of China's industrial structure.From a regional perspective,the eastern region is consistent with the whole country,while the fiscal decentralization in the central and western regions has a heterogeneous effect on the upgrading of China's industrial structure.Among them,the rationalization of industrial structure is significantly promoted,while the upgrading of industrial structure is significantly inhibited.The effect of tax system structure on the adjustment of industrial structure is consistent with that of the whole country.Further subdivided the five kind of the empirical results show that the value-added tax and consumption tax on the adjustment of industrial structure has the promoting effect,personal income tax and enterprise income tax on the adjustment of industrial structure has inhibition,and the business tax in the improvement of the industrial structure rationalization,to improve existing inhibition in the high-grade level of industrial structure.Through empirical results combined with the previous section can be found at present our country to promote industrial upgrading of fiscal policy mainly there are the following five problems: system intensifies the industrial structure of heavy industrialization,the fiscal expenditure scale extensive growth cause waste of resources,unreasonable structure of fiscal expenditure and regional curing,the preferential tax policy and industrial structure does not match,the government procurement system for industrial upgrading.At the same time,this paper analyzes the causes of these problems.By using the experience of typical countries,this article in the final impact on fiscal policy of our country industry upgrading problems put forward policy recommendations,mainly include: to promote industrial upgrading of the financial system reform,clear responsibilities at all levels of government spending,optimize the fiscal expenditure structure,raise the scientific nature of the local government budgets,increasing the service efficiency of fiscal funds,perfecting the financial incentive mechanism of subsidy,promote industrial fusion building to promote independent innovation tax incentive policy system,improve the government green purchase system,etc.
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