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Study On The Influence Of Financial Revenue And Expenditure On The Industrial Structure

Posted on:2017-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2349330485950192Subject:Applied Economics
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The dynamic adjustment of industrial structure is an important way to promote the healthy development of economic and social stability.Irrational industrial structure has always been a major obstacle to the development of China's social and economic development.In recent years,our country industrial structure unreasonable situation has improved,but emphasis on the industrial structure,industrial quality not higher question has not been fundamentally changed,adjust the industrial structure shoulder heavy responsibilities.Therefore,according to the development of the situation,to take measures to optimize the industrial structure,to promote the sustainable development of the three major industries,is a long-term task facing our country.Optimizing the industrial structure of the path a lot,in the current system,the government's fiscal policy adjustment is undoubtedly an important option.It can be adjusted through fiscal revenue and fiscal expenditure policy,from the two aspects of demand,supply,the impact on the industrial structure.On China's financial structure,expenditure structure is more prominent,the basic stability of the general public services expenditure proportion,environmental protection expenditure has been low,the livelihood of the people spending remained stable but still needs to be improved,while the agriculture,forestry and water costs and transportation costs continue to rise,these unreasonable factors have affected the optimization of the industrial structure.At the same time,the tax structure also indirectly affects the upgrading of industrial structure.This paper starts from the concept of fiscal revenue and expenditure and the structure of industry,from the general sense of financial revenue and expenditure on the influence mechanism of industrial structure,especially considering changes in the financial revenue and expenditure caused by supply side factors from the angle of supply,so the impact on the industrial structure,and focus on examining the effects of financial revenue and expenditure of the tertiary industry.Then according to China's actual financial expenditure is divided into general public service expenditure,the people's livelihood spending,environmental protection expenditure,agriculture and forestry water expenditure,transportation and other expenses and other expenses.Then establish industrial structure and fiscal expenditure of the linear regression model,through linear regression analysis shows that the fiscal expenditure on a certain extent influence the industrial structure and the improvement of agriculture,forestry and water expenditure and expenditure for transportation hindered the adjustment of industrial structure,and general public services expenditure,public healthspending and increased spending on energy conservation and environmental protection can promote the adjustment of industrial structure.Finally put forward specific suggestions according to the results of analysis should improve the general public services expenditure,appropriately raise the spending on energy conservation and environmental protection,increase people's livelihood expenditure in fiscal expenditure,the expenditure of agriculture,forestry and water stable,and traffic control spending,by changing the specific financial expenditure fine promote the development of the tertiary industry,and promote the optimization of industrial structure.And the improvement of tax revenue can promote the development of the third industry,thus promoting the upgrading of the industrial structure.
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