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A study of the relationship between follower' personality and leadership ratings of George W. Bush

Posted on:2007-10-01Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:Our Lady of the Lake UniversityCandidate:Salter, Charles RFull Text:PDF
This research was designed to link traits from the 5-factor model of personality (the Big 5) by utilizing the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP), to a followers' perception of the leadership style of George W. Bush, based on Bass & Avolio's (1995) MLQ5X. A voluntary sample was taken consisting of undergraduate and graduate students from three universities in the San Antonio, Texas area. Thus the sample size was N = 303. Neuroticism was the only Big 5 Personality trait which was found to have a significant relationship to respondent's leadership ratings of George W. Bush, as measured by the Full Range Model of Leadership. Also, the ancillary variable Good Leadership had a positive effect on respondent's ratings of the leader as a transformational leader and as a less passive leader.
Keywords/Search Tags:Personality, Ratings, Leader, George
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